How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery is the major problem of the device and it renders the high-end smartphone valueless and sometimes useless, however, for a tech-savvy, there is a way to manage and control Samsung S5 battery from draining very fast other than using DU battery saver app.

Meanwhile, before you can fix the battery issue you should be able to diagnose the problem with your device. The battery problem could be a manufacturing problem and it could be because the battery is bad. However, before we look at how to fix your Samsung Galaxy S5 battery, let take a look at the likely reasons why the battery drain so quickly.

You may need a replacement for your battery or configure your S5 battery to consume less power when not in use. Here are the top list of Android apps to block incoming calls on your device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life

Some Reasons Why Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Drain Quickly

This could be one of the reasons why you need a replacement for your S5 battery

1. Bad Battery

If your S5 battery is bad it will drain faster than expected. Meanwhile, no single smartphone battery is designed to last forever but some can last a couple of years while some will start degrading after 6 months or a year.

The implication is that as the battery age increases the battery will no longer be able to accumulate the same amount of power as when newly gotten. This could be one of the reasons why your Galaxy S5 battery dies faster than expected.

The age of the device might have started speaking for how fast the battery drain and call for a replacement. However, if you are the first set of people that use Samsung Galaxy S5 there is a possibility to have this complaint and you probably need a replacement for your device if you want to keep using it.

I think a replacement cost as cheap as $10-$15 with free shipping most time. You may consider this as the first solution.

2. WakeLock

Another common problem that drains the battery faster on all Android phone is “WakeLock”. If this happens a lot on your Galaxy S5, you won’t enjoy the battery capacity. The wakelock is a service that keeps your phone apps, background data, notification light, social notification, and other information from sleeping when your device is not in use. The wakelock drain battery faster than when you are using it.

The implication of the wakelock service is that your phone will not be able to sleep when you are not using it. Whether you close them or not, they will still be running in the background section, and it will make it looks as if your phone is under normal usage.

It is very easy to deal with wakelock service on Android phone with a rooted access otherwise you have to keep eyes on apps that consume most of your battery. With a rooted access, there are a lot of Android apps to monitor and control the way you phone drain your battery and this includes the first step to take to solve Galaxy S5 battery issue if it is not a replacement problem.

You can check the best apps to boost your phone battery performance we have considered in our previous post.

3. TouchWiz

We’ve discussed TouchWiz before on this site and the effect on your Android phone. However, regarding the S5 battery issue, TouchWiz also has a significant effect that may prompt your S5 to drain its battery faster.

Although there is no way to get rid of TouchWiz on S5 device and battery draining but the effect on how your phone battery drains can be controlled and keep to the minimum level as possible.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is not suffering from the above reasons then, there is a need for manual configuration. Here are some expert tips to fix battery problem on your Samsung S5.

1. Install Greenify App

The first suggestion is to download and install Greenify app on your Galaxy S5. The importance is not far-fetched rather, the app is designed to hibernate apps that you are not currently using on your device. With this, you can conserve your S5 battery capacity and control the number of apps that are running underground.

Meanwhile, the app is not automated without users permission. So, before you can use the app to control and fix the rate at which your Galaxy S5 consumes battery you will manually launch the app and authorize it to hibernate opened apps.

So, when no app is running in your 5S background you will observe a change in your battery life and how long it takes to drain.

2. Disable Location & Hotspot

When you enable location, Wi-Fi, hotspot and some other settings on your Samsung phones you expose the device battery to a more danger more than you think. Samsung Galaxy S5 has 2800mAp battery capacity and don’t expect it to last for days when you failed to tweak your device settings from not access some of your phone settings.

Also, when you not in use try as much as possible to disable the internet connection and make sure apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Chrome, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes are not running in the background section otherwise they will consume your S5 battery life and reduce how long the battery can last.

3. Overheating

Another problem with Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is overheating. Even when you go for a replacement on Amazon you will still not enjoy it before the device is not stable. If you observe that your Galaxy S5 is overheating you should know more about the battery status and information generally.

To access your S5 battery information simply dial ##4636##. on your phone to know whether the problem of battling with your phone is overheating.

When you put all these into consideration and take actions with it, you will have control over your Samsung S5 battery life and be able to tell whether or not you need a replacement or you only need to tweak the S5 battery settings to increase it life-span.

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