Set up Roadrunner Email on Android with Email App

Set up Roadrunner Email on Android with Email App

If you were unable to set up roadrunner email to work with your Android phone email app, what we have for you today will help you out. You will be able to link the roadrunner email to your Gmail account.

Whether you choose to link up roadrunner and email together on your Android phone or you choose the easiest way to link up to Gmail.

You are still in the right part. However, it’s of course not easy to make road runner email work with email app on your Android phone if you are not a tech-oriented person.

You could do anything kind of setup in the email settings yet, the server will be returning your email due to incoming and outgoing email server addresses.

This problem is common when you are not sure of the correct email server addresses. So, for this purpose and in an attempt to put an end to roadrunner problems follow the procedure share below.

Set up Roadrunner Email on Android with Email App

Set up Roadrunner Email on Android with Email App

There is no need to walk yourself out when you want to link both roadrunner and Android email app together. Follow the steps below to enter the correct server addresses.

Click on “Email App” on your phone app menu and type your valid “roadrunner email” address and click on the next button. Select “Personal (POP3)” from the popup and click “Next”  and type your “password” in the “Next” popup and click on “Next”.

For your “incoming server settings” type your “username” and add “” to the add. See example (“”, where Gadgetswright is my username). In some cases, “” will also work which is location dependent.

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In the “Password” column type your “Roadrunner” password, input “” in the server position, and port “110″ without quotes and level the “security section or choose “None” and tap “Done”.

For the “outgoing server settings” copy and paste “” in “server” option, Port: 587, set security to “None” enable “Require sign-in”, type your “Roadrunner” username “”,  remember to change username to your username, see incoming server settings for the example, type your “password”, and click on “Next” and then, “Next” again.

In the name field, type your name or the name you want the Roadrunner server to display when you send email from your account and click “Next” to save changes.

Note: The server for incoming and going server depends on location. So, when you want to set up your Roadrunner and email on your Android phone always check for your location incoming and outgoing server.

When you follow this method as explained in this article you will be able to link up your Roadrunner email to your email on your Android phone.

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