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WhatsApp Web Online Status: How to View and Update New One

There are two ways to use WhatsApp on your computer. The use of WhatsApp web and WhatsApp web desktop application. Before, the only thing you can do with WhatsApp web is to chat up your WhatsApp friends. See their status, know whether they are online or not. But with the recent WhatsApp web for desktop and browser update, you can read status, reply to their status online, and at the same time change your online status. Here we’ll discuss WhatsApp web online status.

Once you synced your mobile WhatsApp with WhatsApp web, you can view all your status all the time and that of your friends. And don’t forget that some times, you friends WhatsApp will show they’re online but they are not. So far there is internet connection on their smartphone, you will see WhatsApp profile show online status as “online” rather than hide it.

One thing you need to know about WhatsApp web online status is that you cannot open different tab while operating WhatsApp web. You can either use WhatsApp on your computer browser or use the desktop application for Windows or Mac OS.

Don’t be surprised that you can check last seen on WhatsApp web by clicking on the user’s profile. But some times, you may want to ask whether WhatsApp web show status online. The respond is capital YES!

If you update your WhatsApp status on your smartphone you can check it on WhatsApp web. And at the same time, you can update your WhatsApp web status online while on your computer and it will reflect on your status on your smartphone.

How to Update Your WhatsApp Web Online Status

There is no gimmick in updating your WhatsApp status using WhatsApp web. It doesn’t call for rocket scientist knowledge. However, you can do this directly on WhatsApp desktop application and at the same time using WhatsApp web on your browser rather than using the desktop app.

Fire up a new tab on your browser and visit web.whatsapp.com and sync your smartphone using QR code on your device (Click on WhatsApp icon on your computer, click on the ellipsis (3-dots), click on WhatsApp web and place your smartphone primary camera on your desktop to sync the code as a mean of login to your WhatsApp web account.

WhatsApp web online status

Note: You need to have steady internet connection on both your smartphone and your computer to use WhatsApp web.

After you have successfully logged into your WhatsApp account on PC.  Click on the status icon as shown below in the attachment.


All of your WhatsApp status and your WhatsApp friend’s status will be displayed. It is on this page that you will be able to view WhatsApp Web Online Status on your account.

WhatsApp status

You can follow this link to download WhatsApp web for Windows and Mac OS.

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