How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number

We change phone and buy a new SIM card every day. Yet we don’t want to lose track of our WhatsApp chat messages, backup, contacts, broadcasts, and groups.

If you are among those that love to change their phone without changing SIM, you should not have a problem using your old WhatsApp on your new phone with the old SIM with a simple backup restore process.

But if you are among those who love to change phone and change SIM card, then you should be worried about how the best way to change WhatsApp phone number and still retain your old WhatsApp information.

Meanwhile, I recently changed my WhatsApp SIM card when I swapped my phone and my SIM got spoilt. However, I was about to regain access to all my WhatsApp chat history.

However, I did try to change my WhatsApp number without verification since I have verified it in my previous phone number. It didn’t go well, but before I got a new phone I was still using WhatsApp without a SIM card on my phone.

The procedure to use WhatsApp without SIM card is documented in this article. Make sure you check it out so that you can temporarily use WhatsApp for the moment you have not changed your WhatsApp number.

By default, your phone number is your WhatsApp identification. When you begin WhatsApp registration, WhatsApp will require you to verify your phone number either through a phone call or SMS.

However, whichever way you choose to verify your WhatsApp number you can always swap numbers on WhatsApp and still regain all the old WhatsApp chat history.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to miss anything from your old WhatsApp account you need to take some advance steps. If not, the moment you change your WhatsApp phone number completely without these advanced steps you will lose everything on your old WhatsApp.

Change WhatsApp Phone Number: Backup WhatsApp

When you want to change your WhatsApp phone number and you don’t want to lose your old chat history it’s compulsory for you to backup your WhatsApp chat history.

The backup process is to be carried out on the old WhatsApp number before you start the SIM swap. Therefore, to make sure you backup your WhatsApp history  successfully follow the procedure below

Backup WhatsApp

To backup WhatsApp chat history Launch WhatsApp app. Tap Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Tap Back up to Google Drive.

Change WhatsApp Phone Number

Do an instant backup of your WhatsApp to Google drive. However, the time taken to backup your WhatsApp depends on the volume of your WhatsApp content. For quick backup, disable videos and media. Only select options will be backed up and they are what you can restore after you have successfully changed your old WhatsApp number to a new one

Change WhatsApp Phone Number: Tutorial

If you have successfully backed up your WhatsApp chat history and friends contacts, then, let proceed with how to change WhatsApp number and keep WhatsApp chat history.

Tap on WhatsApp >> Menu Button >> Settings >> Account >> Change number >> Next

Change WhatsApp Phone Number

Enter Old Phone Number in the first filed and New Phone Number in the second field and click on the Next button and the Done.

Change WhatsApp Phone Number

This procedure does not require for verification. This implies that you can change WhatsApp number without verification.

Change WhatsApp Phone Number: Restore Backup

To regain access to all your old WhatsApp chat history you must first restore the old WhatsApp backup to the new WhatsApp phone number. Therefore, we’ll take a look at how to restore the backup from old WhatsApp to new WhatsApp on your either new phone or new SIM.

Meanwhile, there are a few ways to backup WhatsApp chat history. However, to restore the backup from your old device you restore the backup file of the old device to the new device. If your old WhatsApp is backed up to Google Drive it is compulsory that you restore a Google drive backed up to have the latest backup restored on your file. The same thing goes for phone backup or troubleshooting.

Restore WhatsApp Backed Up

To restore WhatsApp chat history from the old backed up to the new WhatsApp phone or number, launch WhatsApp app. Tap Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup >Restore backup >> Login Google Drive >> Restore.

The restore process will begin. And once the backed up is fully restore you will have access to all your old WhatsApp chat history.

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