How to Add Time and Location Stickers to WhatsApp Photos & Videos on iOS Device

WhatsApp version 2.18.30 for iOS devices gets a minor update which lets users add time and location stickers. Meanwhile, WhatsApp for Android didn’t get the new update except for the WhatsApp payment system that was rolled out to both Android and iOS.

The new WhatsApp for iOS feature allows users to add time and location stickers to photos and videos iOS users are sharing with their contact list. Another minor update that doesn’t get noticed is the feature to search for a group member using the newly introduced search box rather than scrolling through the entire group member.

With the group search option, you can search for a specific group member if you know their WhatsApp name of the search for the using their WhatsApp phone number.

The new WhatsApp 2,18.30 comes with a “+” to add time and location stickers to photos and videos you share with your contact. The new feature is probably for fun for iOS users to be able to share a specific time where their and location where they are when they send the picture and video.

The major purpose to add time and location stickers to photos and videos you share with your WhatsApp friends and group is to give a detail of your current location, the time you send the picture, where you were when you cover the video clip and lot more.

add time and location stickers

Meanwhile, other popular instant apps such as Instagram and SnapChat for Android and iOS are already using the “add time and location stickers” feature so it may not be new to some Android users since they’ve encountered it while using their Instagram and SnapChat app

The new iOS WhatsApp version 2.18.30 comes with WhatsApp group search and WhatsApp “add time and location stickers” for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and other iDevices. However, let wait and see the next Android update whether the “add time and location stickers” for Android will be launched.

Download WhatsApp 2.18.30 for iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 4, and other iOS devices.

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