iMobie AnyTrans Review “Advance Android Manager”

iMobie AnyTrans is an advanced smartphone manager to control both Android phones and iOS phones on PC when your phone is connected to a USB cable or through WiFi. I have been using iMobie AnyTrans with my Android phone for the past few days to know how the tool works and how to best enjoy it to manage your Android phone with the device. Here, is a short iMobie AnyTrans review.

Firstly, what are the core aspect of iMobie AnyTrans software for Android phones that caught my attention? Technically, when most Android geeks read reviews about Android phones manager they consider the price first and compare it with what they assume their readers can afford but we don’t do that. Firstly, we consider what servers our readers best and the goodies they will enjoy using any product we review on this platform.

 Now, let’s take a proper dive into iMobie AnyTrans review and how Android and iOS phone users can take the advantage of the product to clone their phone on their PC.

iMobie AnyTrans Review

Whats Does AnyTrans Do? iMobie AnyTrans Review

That was the same question I asked when first came across iMobie AnyTrans. After I have battled with this question for almost a whole day then I found out why everyone is raving about iMobie AnyTrans. With the iMobie AnyTrans, you can achieve the following on your Android phone if you are an Android phone user as well as on iPhone and on other iOS devices. Meanwhile, download your own copy of iMobie AnyTrans software first and install it on your PC.

1. AnyTrans is an Alternative to iOS iTune

Do not be surprised to hear about this. Not all iPhone users can enjoy iTunes feature on their devices, Android users have joined the merry with the help of Android phone managers. The Android OS phone managers come in varieties where iMobie AnyTrans is a part of. So, if you are not looking for shitting way to operate your Android OS device on your computer like iOS users do, AnyTrans if the new way.

2. Back up Android Phones

The last time we talked about Android PhoneRescue that it makes backing up your Android phone useless and almost meaningless since you will be able to revamp all lost data on your phone using iMobie PhoneRescue. However, for the doubting Thomas, we have chosen to let you know another way to backup your phone completely to your computer without the internet and/or back it up online with the help of iTunes alternative for Android phones.

3. Clone Android Phones

Before I found iMobie AnyTrans, it was ShareIt, Xender, and FlashShare app and web-based app that I love to use when I want to clone my phone on my PC. However, iMobie AnyTrans advanced phone manager makes the job very easy to do and effective.

iMobie AnyTrans offers an effective way to clone Android phones on PC and also provide a means to save it to an online store such as Google Drive etc.

4. Apps and Files Transfer Phones

During the iMobie AnyTrans review, I found a favorite feature that caught my attention. If you are found of connecting more than one phone to your computer either through WiFi or USB you will love this iMobie AnyTrans feature.

This feature over-shadowed file transfer between phones using Bluetooth and the use of file transfer manager on Android phone to transfer apps from one device to another. Apart from easy phone easy cloning with iMobie AnyTrans, you can transfer files between phones using the advanced Android manager for free.

5. Files Management

This feature makes my phone run faster. When you want to buy a smartphone, there are some criteria you need to put into consideration so that you will buy a phone within your budget. However, at some point, your phone will begin to perform sluggishly which you may assume that there is a virus battling with your phone, right?

Well, it is not always virus issue, it has to do with your phone contents, what you have on your phone and how you manage your phone. However, with the iMobie AnyTrans file management feature, you can identify and remove duplicated files on your phone to free more space.

iMobie AnyTrans Review: The Advanced Manager’s Price

iMobie AnyTrans offers an affordable price for this great iTune for Android phone manager. The price could have been very high due to the level of competition between Android geeks and iOS geeks. However, iMobie AnyTrans offers two different licenses.

For a single PC, iMobie AnyTrans price is pegged at “$39.99″ to be used on a single computer while the family plan is more flexible compared to the personal plan. The family plan price is pegged at “59.99″ which can be used on 5 computers with a pro support from iMobie AnyTrans support department.

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