How to Clear UC Browser Caches

When you spend sometimes to clear UC browser caches it makes the browser super-fast and looks new when browsing on it. Caches or cookies are not something bad to have on browsers but they need to be taken care properly. UC browser can accumulate too much of caches and occupy a lot of disk space is not set to automatically delete all caches once the open tabs are closed.

Browser history contributes to what makes up caches in browsers. Javascript are not left out when you clearing browsing caches.

When you clear caches in browsers you not only clear browsers histories you can also clear your bookmarks, autofill settings, passwords and usernames, credit card information. However, whether you clear your browsers’ caches often or not, never store your credit card information on your browser so that you will not fall a victim to hackers.

Without too much of introduction here in this article, I will share with you the step by step procedure to clear US browser caches on your computer. Meanwhile, in one of our post we have shared how to clear Google Chrome caches and in another post, we discussed extensively how to clear Firefox browser caches.

How to Clear UC Browser Caches

To clear UC browser caches click to open the UC browser on your desktop. Click on the three horizontal lines to the top right of the browser and click on “Clear browsing caches”. To simply access the caches page with a command prompt press and hold “CTRL + SHIFT + DEL” button together.

In the column after “Obliterate the following items from” select when you want to start clearing the browser caches and tick browsing history, download history, cache images and files, cookies and other sites plugin and click on clear browsing history.

Note: If you don’t have your saved password backed up somewhere else do not tick password so that all you saved passwords will not be deleted.

How to Clear UC Browser Caches Automatically

If you consider clearing UC browser’s cache manually stressful you can set up an automatic feature on the browser to clear browsing caches each time you close a tab or close the browser itself.

The implication of deleting caches automatically is that all browser history will be cleared each time you close the browser except you disabled clearing browsing history from the setup.

To clear UC browsing history automatically press and hold “SHIFT + CTRL + DELETE” on Windows OS and press “COMMAND + CTRL + DEL”  on Mac OS.

Click on “clear browsing data on exit” as seen in the image above, tick “Enable” under clear browsing data on exit and click on “Done”.

Clear UC Browser Caches

Close the “ucbrowser://settings/clearBrowserDataOnExit” to activate the changes and restart your browser. Henceforth, UC browser will clear caches automatically on tab exit.

Please leave a comment if you have difficulties clearing your UC browser caches using this tutorial so that we can address it together.

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