How to Turn Light Off on Android When the Backlight is Off

Android flashlight quickly replaces the use of local torch with no time. Smartphone users now prefer their phone flashlight to other power sources such as Torchlight, rechargeable lamp. The new Samsung S9 hide the flashlight widget in the device though, but, users still go ahead to use a flashlight app as a quick replacement to use a flashlight on the device. So, how do you go about to turn light off when you have a lot in your hands?

Do you swipe down the phone notification tray and touch the light icon with water in your hands or what do you do?

Well, it’s often not difficult to turn light off on Android devices, but, when the device screen light goes off, it’s off and you are busy with something else, disabling flashlight on your device could prove so difficult.

For this, in this article, you will an additional way to turn light off on Android instead of the traditional way which is clicking on the torchlight icon to disable and enable it.

For some good reason, the camera light which is equivalent to the flashlight might not be working and thus affect the primary use of your device backlink for seeing and for taking pictures in the dark and at night.

It is worth pointing out that not all phone has the flashlight feature. Phones that don’t have a flash camera light do not have a flashlight which can be used as a flashlight.

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However, flashlight apps cannot work on this type of device as well. So, to build your passion with either the default flashlight or the flashlight app for Android to turn your phone camera light into a torch, always buy a phone with a camera flashlight.

Turn light off on Android

How to Turn Light Off on Android?

Firstly, you need to know that it’s not all Android devices that have the light feature. Google introduced flashlight feature in Android Lollipop and newer version of the OS.

However, if your Android runs on lover version like KitKat, Jelly Bean, etc. without camera flashlight, you will probably not be able to use the flashlight feature on your device.

However, if you run an Android phone with a backlight feature without the flashlight in your phone settings, there is a way to enable flashlight on Android device without a flashlight which we’ll discuss before the end of this article. So, stay tuned.

How to Enable Flashlight in Samsung?

The flashlight feature in Samsung devices, most especially the Samsung S9, is one of the most discussed topics in Samsung Forum. Unlike other Android devices, the Samsung flashlight widget is not visible until you play around the widget and drag the flashlight widget to your phone desktop.

However, enabling flashlight in Samsung varies, but, the popular way to install flashlight on Samsung is via the device widget.

Here is how to enable flashlight widget on Samsung S9 which will probably work on other versions of Samsung devices.

Press and hold an apps-free section on your Samsung screen, select widgets, scroll down the widget and press and hold Torch Widget and drag and drop on your Samsung S9 screen. Now, Tab the Widget to Turn Off and On the torchlight whenever you need it.

How to Turn Light Off on Android?

There are virtually two ways to turn of light on almost Android phones. However, only a few geeks take not of the second approach other than the traditional way. However, below are the ways to turn light off on Android device when the phone screen light is On/Off.

The first method is probably the traditional way most people used often and would not stop from using while the second method offers an easy way to close torchlight on your Android.

Turn Light Off Method 1

Swipe down Android notification and click on torchlight icon to turn off the flashlight if the light is turned on and click on the torchlight icon again to turn on if the light is turned off.

Turn light off on Android

Turn Light Off Method 2

Whether your phone screen backlight is on or off. Tap the Power button continuously like 2-4 times will turn off the light.

Turn Light Off

This approach is not only available to you when you want to lock your phone screen, it can also be used to turn light off on your device. However, and unfortunately, this approach cannot be used to enable flashlight on your device like the first method.


Here is a recap, when your phone flashlight works for long it becomes hot and drains phone battery faster than other apps on your phone. However, using a flashlight app instead slow down your phone. The best way to use the torchlight is when most needed, like in the dark where there is no light source to trace your way. Also, when you are busy with what can damage your phone like water, always use the power button to turn light off on your device.

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