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How to Cancel Patreon Membership

Only deleting your Patreon account will cancel your Patreon subscription automatically since it’ll delete your Patreon billing method on the platform, however, if the decision is otherwise; that’s, you prefer to keep your Patreon account but no longer interested in renewing your Patreon membership you should then consider cancelling Patreon account. So, in this guide, you will learn how to cancel Patreon membership account permanently to stop the Patreon billing auto-renewal.

Since Patreon allows you to cancel your Patreon membership account then the following should be noted.

How to Cancel Patreon Membership

Before you proceed to cancel your Patreon membership take note of the following.

  • When you cancel Patreon membership with per-post creator all pending bill in your Patreon account will be processed once you cancelled your membership.
  • If the Patreon membership you are cancelling is “annual membership” your Patreon auto-renewal feature will be disabled.
  • Patreon membership refund on the Patreon annual plan will not be granted.
  • All declined or pending bills that are already posted will not be affected when you cancel your Patreon membership.

If you are still interested in cancelling your Patreon membership account following the information above kindly proceed below.

How to Cancel Patreon Membership

How to Cancel Patreon Membership Account on Web

Follow the procedures below to quickly cancel your Patreon membership online on the web.

  • Log into your Patreon membership account.
  • Open the user menu from hoving to your profile image.
  • Tap on “Manage Membership.”
  • Tap “Edit” link next to the “Active Membership” to cancel.
  • Tap  “Edit or Cancel Payment” under the “update” button.
  • Tap  “Edit or Cancel Payment” and tap “Cancel.”
  • Done.

That is how to cancel your Patreon membership on the web.

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How to Cancel Patreon Membership on App [iPhone/iPad]

If you prefer to navigate the Patreon account to cancel your Patreon membership on your mobile phone [iPhone/iPad] using the mobile app for Patreon follow the steps in this guide.

  • Open the Patreon app and sign in to your membership account.
  • Tap on the search box to the top right and select from the popup a creator form from the list.
  • Tap on the more option [three dots] to the top right.
  • Tap “Edit $x pledge” from the menu.
  • Find the “update” button and tap “Edit or Cancel payment” below it.
  • Tap “Cancel your payment” from the options available.
  • Tap “Cancel”  to confirm.
  • Done.

Now, all declined or pending bills that have been posted will be processed and your Patreon membership auto-renewal will be turned off.

How to Cancel Patreon Membership on Android

Cancelling Patreon membership on Patreon Android app is easy and simple.

  • Log into your Patreon account.
  • Tap “Account” from the top menu.
  • Tap on your profile name on the menu list.
  • To update membership tap on the pencil icon.
  • Tap on”Edit or Cancel payment” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “Cancel your payment” >> Cancel >> Confirm.

This is the step bu step to cancel Patreon membership on Android. And we believe that this article solves your problem on how to cancel your Patreon membership without deleting your Patreon’s account.

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