How to Activate Hbogola on TV

If you ever think of how to activate Hbogola on a smart TV on activate [] you will find this post the solution to the long search.

Hbogola is one of the few streaming services to activate on a smart TV with the help of a unique activation code that is generated from the Hbogola app on your TV with instruction on how to activate the Hbogola app on the TV.

It takes turn and free to activate Hbogola on all supported devices. This allows you to stream Hbogola on a device whose screen is bigger and accommodate more view such as family connections.

Therefore, in this article, we discuss how to create a Hbogola account, how to generate a Hbogola activation code and cap it with steps to go to to process the generated activation code to start using the Hbogola app on your smart TV.

What is Hbogola?

Hbogola is a version of HBO Go for Mexicans to access and watch Hbo Go in their region. So, if you have the HBO Go account you can use it to access the Hbogola in Mexico and other countries that are tied to this HboGo streaming service.

Other customers from Argentina, Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador can also make use of the activate to activate the HBOGola app on their smart TV.

However, each HBOGola supported devices has a unique way of activating the app. And not all smart devices can use the HBOGola app. Some versions [outdated] might fall out of favour of this new innovation.

However, HBO Go alternatives are very much available to replace the HBOGo in these regions with almost the same service.

The demerit of using the HBOGola on smart TV and other devices is that you can only have a maximum of 3 devices linked or registered on your device. This is different from what myTV offers where you can have all your entire family devices linked to a single Amazon Prime Video account to enjoy the unlimited service even on the student plan.

Now, let’s take a look at some supported devices that allow you to download and use the HBOGola app on your smart TV to stream HBO Go from your country of residence without the use of a VPN service.

List of Supported Devices

As we mentioned earlier that you can only have three devices registered on your Hbogola account at a time. Therefore, some of the following is a list of supported devices where you can download and use the HBOGola [Mexico] version of the HBO Go streaming service.

  • Xbox [Microsoft]
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android TV box

Activate HBOGola

There are two ways to activate the HBOGola app on your smart TV. activate

  1. Using your HBO Go ID: Here, you only need to download the HBO GO app, launch it on your Smart TV, enter your login credential and sign in. This is by far the simplest approach to activate your HBOGola app without going to on a web browser.
  2. Using TV service provider: Here, there is n need to sign in with your HBOGO ID. You only need to launch the HBOGola app, take note of the HBOGOla activation code, and go to the activation site at activate on your web browser, enter the activation code on your TV screen, select “Activate” and sign in with your TV provider’s credential to activate the HBOGola app on your TV automatically. Activate using a Login ID

Here we won’t make use of the activate activation code. Rather, we will make use of your HBOGola login or better refer to as your HBO Go login [username and password.

  • Launch the HBO Go app on your Smart TV
  • Select Log In with “HBO GO ID.”
  • Type your HBO Go account username and password.
  • Select “Login.”

HBOGo will check your login credential and see if it matches any data in their database. Once corresponding information is discovered you will be logged into the HBGo account on your smart TV. Activate with TV Provider

You need both the HBOGOla activation code and a TV service provider login. This must be a list of supported TV providers on the HBOGo service. These steps work on all supported Smart TV on HBOGO. This includes Samsung, Apple TV,  LG, and others.

  • Launch the HBOGOla [HBO GO] app on your smart TV.
  • Select “connect your TV provider account” instead of the “Login ID” option.
  • You will see the activation code,, and instruction to activate the device using your TV service provider ID.
  • Go to on your web browser and enter the codigo on your TV screen.
  • Click on the “Submit” button to submit your activation code.
  • Now, select your TV provider network from the list and input your login detail to authenticate it.
  • Sign in to your HBO Go account with your login ID.

Boom! The activation code screen will automatically refresh itself and you will be signed in to your HBO Go account on your smart TV. Meanwhile, you cannot add more than three devices to your HBOGo account.

Activate HBOGOla on Xbox

Please, make sure you have a Microsoft account before you proceed with this step. Otherwise, follow the step in this guide to create your Microsoft account.

  • Go to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox, sign in to your account and download the HBO Go app.
  • Navigate to the list of downloaded apps on your Xbox and launch the HBO Go app.
  • Tap on “Activate your device.” This will display the Xbox activation code and the activation website [].
  • Open your browser and go to hbogola com activate.
  • Type the activation code Xbox on your TV screen and select the “Submit” button.
  • Select your TV provider’s network provider from the list and sign in with your credential.
  • Register for your HBOGo account or sign in with your existing HGo Go login.
  • Instantly, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address that you have successfully activated the HBOGola app on your Xbox game console.

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