Gramblr Review: How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC

Gramblr has been around for a while. And there has been a lot of reviews from users. Some complained that it doesn’t worth it while some were very happy with it to upload photos to Instagram from PC or computer. However, here in this post I’m going to share with you my own Gramblr review.

The main assignment of Gramblr is for uploading photos to Instagram for windows and Mac OS. No rocket scientist needed to put this desktop software into use. It’s also have Android and iOS version for uploading pictures to Instagram from your phone.

The popular online Instagram uploader has a very friendly user interface and features to edit photos before uploading it to Instagram such as fine face, crop, etc and tush the photo with a touch of photoshop features for smartphone on Gramblr and also for Gramblr apk.

Digging Deep: How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC

Gramblr Review: Learn How to Install it Here

For Windows installer file it is about 4mb and for Mac OS is about 13mb. There is no additional requirement need to download and install Gramblr software. Also, for Android Gramblr app you can download check Google Play store for the latest update and install it on your smartphone.

If you have successfully installed Gramblr for either your windows OS or Mac OS or both below we’d take a look at how to put the software into work and use it to upload photos to Instagram from PC.

Not that you do not need to set up localhost 4343 before it’ll start working or start using it. Also, if Gramblr isn’t working you may have to check your windows defender settings or better still turn it off while downloading the software.

Next in this our Gramblr review we’d walk you how to upload photos from PC to Instagram with using your Instagram username and password. If you have forgotten your Instagram password here is Instagram password recovery page.

Gramblr Review: Features of Gramblr

Below are few of the amazing features of using Gramblr uploader to upload photos from PC to Instagram without itch.

Automatic Cropping

Don’t waste anymore time opening complex applications to crop a square. We do it for you!

50+ Image Filters

There are over 50 different filters and effects designed make your pictures look amazing.

Full UTF-8 Support

Write your captions in any language on earth with full character set support.

The Ratings Game

You can either like or skip photos from other members, and they’ll do the same. You can then see how many people didn’t like your photo!

Free Likes = Joy!

We can give you free Instagram likes! All you need is Coins, and you get them by playing the Ratings game 🙂

Help & Support

The Gramblr software automatically reports anything that goes wrong, but you can also contact us directly for any questions

Gramblr Review: How to Install Gramblr and Upload Photos to Instagram

When you download Gramblr it will be in a zip file. You need to extract the file to a new folder using file extractor for PC. Here we recommend winrar it’s free. And if you have alternative one already installed on your PC don’t bother downloading this. Just unzip the file click on Gramblr.exe in the file to install it.

Note: You need internet connection to achieve this.

Fill the form accordingly with your Instagram username and password. Then click on sign up. You can change your Gramblr language from default language to your preferred language.

Gramblr Review

Now you will be logged into your Instagram account provided you entered correct Instagram username and password.

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To the left side of the panel click on upload now. Then you will see a new window populates on the main Gramblr homepage. Click on it and a new window will pops up on your computer. Navigate to where the photo you want to upload is kept and select it and then click on open to start uploading.

Gramblr review

Click on the photo uploaded and crop to fit into the correct Instagram pixels made by Gramblr to change the save button from red to green and then click on save to proceed.

Just keep clicking continue until you are done. Afterward you will be prompt to write your photo caption. It’s optional though but you may want to share your expression with the photo. Then click on upload now or upload later and schedule your time for upload.

Gramblr review

You can also add some emoticon if you like. After you are done click on send for the Gramblr uploader to start uploading to Instagram from desktop PC.

If your upload is successful you should be taken to a congratulatory page as shown below. And also you will earn some coin. To earn more points just share your upload on twitter and Facebook. You can also enable auto like at the top of the page.Gramblr review

While I will not advise auto like is that Instagram may shutdown your account or prompt you for Instagram verification when next you log in on your devices.

This Gramblr review is for educational purpose. Please use it wisely so that Instagram will not suspend or shutdown your Instagram account.

Kindly drop a comment on how help this desktop software is. Do you love it? Why? Please we’ll be glad to hear from you and what you feel about us.

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  1. Yes, This is one of the best Instagram post scheduler. I am using it for the last 2 years and more than happy with its services. One of the best features of this tool is you can get free likes on your Instagram post using coins.


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