Backup Android Wi-Fi & Restore it

Android Wi-Fi backup is crucial and ability to access it anywhere anytime. If you don’t want to always memorize your password you can use a one-time password app or always save your username and password using a default phone feature when pops up.

Android OS has a feature to backup Wi-Fi passwords and restores it when you need it. Wi-Fi connection of smartphone talks about technological advancement and how smartphones are replacing computers at a speedy rate.

If you don’t enjoy typing your Wi-Fi password on your Android phone every time you should backup your Wi-Fi and restore it when you need to use the internet without your mobile connection. Wi-Fi backup on Android phone is similar to when you backup phone data for future purpose in case anything happens to your phone.

In fact, it is important to back up your phone regularly to Google drive or uses a backup app to backup your phone regularly. Although, we are interested in Android Wi-Fi Backup and restore it later but, what if you choose to check out these 23 best face recognition apps for Android phones.

They are two ways to backup Wi-Fi on Android phone. The first approach is to backup Wi-Fi directly to your Google Gmail account and the second approach is simply to backup using Wi-Fi backup app. Both methods work perfectly OK but it all depends on your choice. However, after we share how to do an Android Wi-Fi backup using your Gmail account we’ll also take a look at some popular Android apps to backup Wi-Fi and restore it when you need it.

Android Wi-Fi Backup

Android Wi-Fi Backup Using Gmail Account

Firstly, you must link a Gmail to your Android phone to use this tutorial to backup your phone Wi-Fi password. In most cases, you are required to enter a valid Gmail account when you first buy your Android phone. That is the Gmail your Wi-Fi password will be backed up to. And if you have removed the associated Gmail you can add another one before you start to back up your Wi-Fi, otherwise you will be required to link a Gmail account or create a new Gmail account for the purpose.

1. Go to “Phone Settings” and scroll down to click ” Account”

2. Click “Google” and enable all the “Google Feature as shown

3. Click  the “Back Button” and click on “Backup & Reset”

4. Click “Backup Account” to make sure your preferred Gmail is selected

5. Tick “Backup my data” to backup Wi-Fi passwords & username, apps settings, network settings, to your Gmail server.

We discovered that not all phones have the Wi-Fi backup feature so, this method will not work for you. Although, you can still for the procedure to backup and rest your phone basic settings but you will not be able to achieve Android Wi-Fi backup.

So, the next guide will provide the best apps to backup Wi-Fi password as an alternative to the first procedure above. This approach works for both device with Wi-Fi password backup or a non-Wi-Fi password backup.

Note if you don’t want to back up your Wi-Fi password to Gmail server consider using Wi-Fi backup & restore app as another option.

Best Android Wi-Fi Backup Apps in 2018

As the year passes, some apps are dropped from their initial position while another one emerges. So, in 2017, some apps are regarded as best Wi-Fi passwords backup app but some have dropped from their initial raking due to negative reviews. However, in 2018, the following Wi-Fi backup app for Android phones have attracted a lot of attention due to flexibility and efficiency.

1. Wi-Fi Password Recovery & Backup

Wi-Fi password recovery & backup is best for Wi-Fi password backup and restore it when you need it. This app had a breakthrough in 2017 and users are still vowing for a positive review of the app as the best app to engage your Android phone with Wi-Fi password backup.

The Wi-Fi password & recovery password app backup Wi-Fi passwords alphabetically and leave you in the awe of recovery some forgotten password usernames and passwords. Other than restoring and backing up Wi-Fi password to your phone via the app, it also can backup up Wi-Fi password to external storage devices like MicroSD, OTG, and even extern Hard Drive.

Some passwords are crazily long and are no memorable. Writing them down can cause a headache. However, Wi-Fi password recovery & backup app offers a feature to enable you to copy and past your recovered password into any file or into your desired folder for safety.

2. Backup Your Mobile

An Android Wi-Fi backup is one of the few features of this Android app. Everything about backup your mobile is not about backing up Wi-Fi passwords and usernames. It’s about backing up everything on your phone completely and save them to your phone internal storage as well as MicroSD.

The backup your mobile app helps to backup contacts, messages, settings, APNS, calendars, users apps, browser history, bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords and username, and lot more. However, there is a limited use of the app on Android phones. Although, the backup your mobile app offers some excellent features, but, you must have a root access to use the app to backup your Wi-Fi password and username and restore it when you need it.

I personally do not like typing the same username and password often when I want to connect my phone to the internet via Wi-Fi. What I do next is to use any of these techniques above to backup my Wi-Fi password and user name during the first-type. So, if you are like me and you will like to restore Wi-Fi backup straight when you want to use it kindly use the Android Wi-Fi backup feature or use either of the apps recommended above.

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