Samsung Launcher One UI Home APK Download

I am a fan of launchers, most especially the Samsung launcher One UI home that is not compatible with other Android smartphones other than Samsung devices.

Because the Samsung launcher doesn’t work on other Android phones except the Samsung device makes people you and I to want to download Samsung launcher One UI home APK for Android.

The features of the Samsung launcher is appealing. And, as such, to add more features and widget to your Android device and take control of the screen saver, wallpaper, home design, and change app icons to Samsung device, you will get to know how to download Samsung launcher APK in this guide.

Samsung Launcher UI One APK

What is Samsung Launcher One UI Home

This is a launcher that is designed only to work on Samsung phones. Other smartphones have to download the APK to be able to use the launcher. You can use launchers like Apex, Holo launcher, and the rest of them.

But, the Samsung launcher One UI Home APK is what you can use if you love to use the Samsung launcher on other smartphones other than the Samsung variants.

The Samsung launcher takes control of your phone and overrides the default launcher. With the Samsung launcher, APK One UI Home set as the default launcher you will not be able to use some default features of your phone as the Google feeds, and the like.

Features of Samsung Launcher UI One Home

After I have spent time with the Samsung Launcher APK here are some of my deduction using it.

  1. You will be able to use Landscape view on your phone screen which is only available for Samsung devices
  2. With the Landscape view, the Samsung launcher renders the auto-rotate feature in your Android phone useless.
  3. You have control over the app icon badge type.
  4. You can easily switch between apps swiping up or down to move from one app to the other.
  5. You can also edit the app icon you do not like. Also, if you have multiple app icons you can delete them with just a click.
  6. This is the feature you will like. You can simply hide app icons you do not want to delete and you don’t others to see using the Samsung Launcher UI One Home APK for Android.
  7. You can also use that are made for Samsung on your Android
  8. You also have access to secure and game launcher with the Samsung launcher app.

Download Samsung Launcher APK

Download the Samsung Launcher UI One Home APK from the table provided in the link below.

App NameSamsung Launcher UI One Home APK
Release Date October 25, 2019
OSAndroid Oreo, Pie

How to Install Samsung Launcher APK

Here is the gist. You will learn how to install Samsung launcher UI One Home APK on all your Samsung devices and Android.

  1. Download the Samsung Launcher APK from the link provided above
  2. Navigate to your download file manager or explorer
  3. Find Samsung Launcher.apk
  4. Tap on it and click on the install button to the bottom right
  5. Wait for a couple of seconds to complete the installation
  6. Click on done or open to open the launcher.

Now, you can begin to customize your new Samsung launcher to replace the default launcher on your phone.

How to View LandscapeLandscape Mode

Once you have installed the Samsung Launcher APK successfully on your Android phone, here is how to enable the launcher landscape’s view.

  1. Set the Samsung Launcher as a default
  2. Go to [Home screen settings]
  3. Click on turn off the [Portrait mode only] option.
  4. The screen will switch to landscape

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