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UC browser is a web browser to browse and search for information online on PC and smartphone. UC web browser is developed for users to use it as a medium to communicate with the internet between the end users and the information online.

When you want to search for information online, you need a medium of communication to pour out your mind in the form of a search keyword and wait for a response from the internet. While you can’t do this without a browser, which uses your IP address to connect to the internet with the help of an internet connection and pop up a result using a web browser.

However, a few of the popular web browser to surf the internet include UC browser. Talk about popularity, UC browser is the 3rd most popular most sort web browser in the whole world. You don’t have to go far, Google Chrome and Safari browser are the 1st and 2nd most popular and most downloaded web browser in the world followed by the UC browser.

UC browser is a free, safe, sleek, and fast web browser app for smartphone and software for PC. UC web browser has a UC mini for Android and iOS device to use a slow internet connection with the same feature with the official UCWeb app.

UC Browser Vs Google Chrome Vs Safari Vs Opera?

UC Browser app download

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Google Chrome, Safari, UC Browser, and Opera Mini are the 4 most popular web browser for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows phone. However, these web browsers are developed by different developers to make accessing the internet.

However, there is a slight difference between the browsers. Most importantly, the whole browsers are fast, safe, easy to use, and have a user-friendly interface.

The entire browsers, UC browser, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera mini has similar features in some areas when it comes to saving password for later users, downloading feature, safe and bookmark a page, download web page for an offline use, privacy, clear cookies, sign up for the user account such as Chrome account, UCWeb account, Opera-mini account, Safari account.

This account creation feature brings all users search history, password, bookmarks, and others to all device you are logged into as a user. That is, with UC web browser account on Android you can access your search history, store password, bookmarks, etceteras.

UC Mini Web Browser

UC Web Browser

UC Mini is a concise version of the official UC browser to enjoy fast and speed internet browsing. The UC Mini is developed to make browsing with a low internet connection great. It zooms faster than the UC browser official app with a slow internet connection.

The UC mini version has some unique features such as data saving, fast download, Ad- block functionality and an easy and fast downloader.

All these features are available in the official UC Web browser for Windows and for Android.

You can have both UC browser and UC Mini installed on the same device to surf the internet when there is a steady network connection with UC browser official and with UC Mini with a slow internet connection.

UC Browser Vs UC Mini

Before you download UC browser or UC Mini or even both browsers. What is the similarity and differences between the two versions? Did the two browsers, UC Mini and UCBrowser work in a similar way or there is a slight difference between the two.

Or whether the browser is developed by a different organization or group of company or developers.

Both browsers can be installed on the same smartphone to surf the internet on the same device

UC Mini is fast and safe to use just like the official UC browser app for Android. When it comes to features as password save, data-saver, fast browsing, privacy, and other advanced features on the official UC web browser.

The UC Mini has a very tiny font size compare to the default app on Android devices most especially for devices with a low specs such as a low RAM and ROM.

When it comes to downloading feature of a mobile browser, the smart download feature of the UC mini makes one of the most demanding browser for Android to replace other browsers.

What about the navigation cards? This feature is present in the official UC browser for Android and the UC mini also has a similar feature to access some of the local contents in your area such as live sports update, local news, cricket, and many more.

What do I have to say about the Incognito mode? The incognito mode allows you to surf the internet in an anonymous mode. This feature also exists in the UC Mini as well as the official UC browser.

UC Mini also introduce the night mode feature to be able to use the browser and night without using eye-glasses. The night mode allows users to turn on night mode and night without wearing an eye-glasses to avoid aching of your eyeballs.

This night mode work similar to the Google Chrome night mode which you can access under the settings tab.

Features of UC Browser

What about the features of the web browser? What makes the web browser difference from other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera-min, and Safari.

Below is the summary of the UC browser’s features.

  • In-App Widgets (Cards)
  • Cloud Boost Technology.
  • Download Manager.
  • Customization.
  • Night Mode.
  • Ad Blocker.
  • Quick Access.
  • Gestures.
  • Igconito
  • Navigation card

Download UC Browser for Android

They are three versions of UC browser available to download for Android and they all work seamlessly, fast, smart downloading, navigation card, and lot more.

They are:

  • UC web browser for Android
  • UC Mini, a concise version of the official UC app for Android
  • UC Browser APK

They are all available for download and they all have the same features.

Let’s take a quick look at the UC web APK app

UC Browser APK Download

UC browser is a free app. And the browser is available in the app store for free download. However, since the app is available in the Google play store with a constant update, you can download the browser from the play store.

Should you want to download UC browser APK here is a guide to download and install the browser’s APK on your Android.

Enable install from unknown sources on your Android. Note that you don’t need to enable this feature while downloading from the Google play store.

Go to phone settings >> security >> unknown sources >> Toggle to enable >> Done.

UC Browser

Now, Download UC browser APK from the link provided in the detail table and follow the procedures below to install the APK browser version on your smartphone.

Swipe down the notification tray and click on the UCBrowser.apk file or go to your phone file manager and navigate to your storage folder after which you need to access the download folder and click on UCBrowser.apk file in the older and click on the install button to the bottom left.

The whole installation process should only last for a couple of seconds after which you are good to go.

UC Browser Full Details

Let’s take a look at full detail of the web browser app.

App NameUC Web Browser
GroupAlibaba Group
UC Mini Versionv12.9.3.1148
Android Versionv12.9.7.1153
Java Versonv9.5.0.449
Desktop Versionv7.0.185.1002
Popular Language Chinese language, English Language, Urdu
Package Namecom.uc.browser.en
DownloadAndroid | UC Mini |UC APK

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