WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Ensures the Following Benefits

WhatsApp has had a lot of features that make the mobile messenger app stand out. Over the past few years, WhatsApp has successfully replaced the traditional mobile SMS with the messenger. A few of the features, not limited to formatting, we saw WhatsApp fingerprint lock following the WhatsApp version 2.19.221 recently and we have been observing the relevant of the newly added feature.

The WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature helped in the area of personal privacy if you have set it up. However, we consider to further enlighten you on the benefits of using the feature.

Meanwhile, if you have not updated your WhatsApp to version 2.19.221 to roll on the fingerprint lock feature you have to do that. Go to your phone app store, find the WhatsApp icon and click on it and then tap on the update button to switch to version 2.19.221.

The WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature will not be activated automatically for all. But you can enable the fingerprint lock screen yourself and set a regular interval for which you want the screen of your WhatsApp messenger to be locked.

Here in this guide, we’ll walk you through what the benefits the WhatsApp fingerprint lock has brought to the app users and how the WhatsApp messenger app is indirectly changing the world of gadgets.WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

Benefits of WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

After 7 weeks with WhatsApp version 2.19.221 with the fingerprint lock feature here are the (likely) benefits we deducted from using it.

1. Improved Security

WhatsApp Inc. understood that we need protection (even though we do not trust them with our individual privacy) and with the evolution in the tech world and mobile development, the fingerprint lock feature is, as a result, to protect individual privacy using the mobile app.

Most smartphones have fingerprint lock which overrides PIN lock or password but none of these lock features overrides the fingerprint lock. However, the WhatsApp fingerprint lock ensures that only the registered finger can unlock the device.

With this, the security measure of the messenger app increases with the app end-to-end encryption and the fingerprint lock feature.

2. WhatsApp Payment Protect

We hope you understand that Facebook is not only thinking about Libra cryptocurrency. WhatsApp pay is part of the feature you should expect anytime from now. While the WhatsApp payment feature is already undergoing beta phase, some people have had experiences with it and it’ll soon be made available publicly.

With the payment option coming to WhatsApp anytime soon, the fingerprint lock is right on time to help protect unauthorized transaction in your account.

After setting up fingerprint lock for our smartphone and set up WhatsApp fingerprint lock, we came to realize that the fingerprint lock setup didn’t work for each other.

This implies that if you are using your index finger to unlock your phone you cannot use the same index finger to unlock WhatsApp if it’s not set as the finger to unlock your WhatsApp messenger.

Some Samsung phones are currently suffering from this as any finger can unlock the S10 device (will be fixed in the next update though).

3. Private Chats Secure

If you are the type that feels threatened whenever your Smartphone is in 3rd party hands concerning your WhatsApp chat I think you need to upgrade your WhatsApp to version 2.19.221 to make use of the Fingerprint lock feature.

Once the fingerprint lock feature is enabled yor account and chats are fully secure and no one will be able to access your WhatsApp unless you granted the permission yourself by unlocking it with the unlock finger.

Meanwhile, don’t try to use the fingerprint lock screen feature on your WhatsApp if your spouse is the inquisitive type that would often want to know and read meaning to everything.

There are some other benefits of the new WhatsApp features but we found these to standout and more reason you may want to use it. There is no commitment attached to it, you can always disable the feature and enable it at will.

Meanwhile, if you do not know how to go about it to download the WhatsApp version with a lock here check out this post. And here is how to enable WhatsApp fingerprint lock on your smartphone.

The fingerprint lock also has its disadvantages. We’ll consider it soon as we are still taking our time to see whether they are truly the disadvantages to using the feature or not.

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