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Download CF Auto Root APK for Android

CF auto root APK is an Android root access app to flash SuperSU on Android devices, mainly, Samsung variants such as S4, S7, and others. The CF auto root app is similar to Odin flash tool to install custom ROM on Samsung, create a quick recovery, create a partition on Samsung device, and install SuperSU with a one-click root access.

When you want to root an Android device without void the warranty, Odin flash tool is exceptional at doing that for Samsung. As an alternative for Android, Kingroot, Kingoroot, and CF auto root similar root app for Samsung device. In fact, it works perfectly for Galaxy S5.

It also supports some popular brand like Infinix devices. In fact, the CF auto root app was used to grant access to my Infinix Note 3 and Note 4 respectively.

CF auto root app works differently from iOS jailbreak apps such as iEnchantify, Tutuhelper, TutuApp, iOSEmus to install third-party apps on iPhone without jailbreak.

CF Auto root APK

What is CF Auto Root APK?

When a device is rooted, it helps the user to have control over the device more than an unrooted device. Officially, when a device is rooted it voids the warranty and improves its usefulness such as battery life performance, installs apps from unknown sources, and do all sorts you cannot do when it’s not rooted.

However, and in a nutshell, CF auto root APK is a program to grant additional access on a Smartphone which is called root. They are some other apps that can be used to root a Smartphone without the internet and the use of a computer.

A good example is Kingroot and Kingoroot. You can also try Vroot. None of the aforementioned rooting apps requires PC as a must to use. However, for Samsung Galaxy device, CF auto root and Odin flash tool are the most viable and most used rooting app.

Here is an article that addresses how to get all the latest Odin flash tool and how to use it to flash a custom ROM on your device via the download mode.

CF Auto Root APK Features

What sets CF auto root app apart from other rooting apps are the features of the app. For a start and before we proceed to how to use CF auto root APK, here are the features of the rooting app.

  1. It’s compatible with all Android OS
  2. It is an app that is very easy to root all Android devices including Samsung
  3. It doesn’t cost a dime to download
  4. It’s a virus-free app
  5. No special requirement

These are the common feature of the CF auto root app. You can use the app even if you have not rooted a device before.

Download CF Auto Root APK App

CF auto root APK is just 4.1MB in size. So, you do not need WiFi or an excessive mobile data to download the APK.

How to Install CF Auto Root

CF auto root is an APK app. There, it cannot be downloaded from play store and install directly on Android without enabling install from unknown source. If you have downloaded the CF auto root app follow the procedure below to Initiate the installation process.

  • Go to phone settings swiping down the notification tray
  • Click on security
  • Scroll down and tap unknown sources
  • Accept the popup

Now, step 1 is done. You can now proceed to install the app

Install CF Auto Root APK

The next is to install the APK app after which it will be used to grant root access on the device it’s installed.

  • Go to phone menu
  • Click on File Manager or click on File Explorer if you have one
  • Go to the download directory
  • Click on the CF auto root.apk file
  • Tap on install from the popup to the bottom right
  • Install
  • Done

Ignore any warning that you are about to install apps from an unknown source or that the app might harm your phone.

How to Use CF Auto Root APK

CF Auto Root APK

Now that you have successfully installed the CF auto-root APK on your Android device. Follow these procedures to learn how to use it to grant root access to your phone.

  • Launch the CF-auto-root APK on your device
  • Tap the root option
  • Wait for some second to complete rooting

Once the process is completed you will see a message on your phone screen that the device has been rooted successfully.

CF auto root APK is one of its kind. For Samsung users, you can use CF auto root and flash a custom ROM on your device using a Windows computer. However, if you don’t want to use a computer, download and install the APK app and run the root command.

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