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Best eBook Torrent Sites 2017 for Torrenting Books

When it comes to best eBook torrent sites bookzz is one of the most popular and widely used ebook torrent site to download both free and premium eBook for free….

Library.nu alternatives

List of Best Library.nu Alternatives to Download eBooks for Free

Library.nu has many alternatives. Before Bookzz was shut down and moved to ‘b-ok.org’ it used to be it alternative. Also befoe bookfi.org was moved to bookfi.net it used to be…

Powerful eBook Torrent Sites for eBooks Download

Welcome to eBook torrent post today. Here in this post day, we’d unleash our interest for the best eBook torrenting sites in 2017 to search and download eBooks for free….

Bookfi Alternatives to Download eBooks for Free Online

Bookfi is a popular eBook sharing site to search for various kind of academic, comic, poetry, journal, research, cultural, and other forms of eBooks and download them for free. Due…

Library Genesis Articles Download And LibGen Alternatives

Library Genesis popularly called Libgen is an online web page to search and download eBooks, articles, fiction books, comics, etc. with or without torrent. As a scientist, you can get…

Is Bookzz World’s eBook Site Safe to Use?

When talking about the best website to search and download academic books and papers, Bookzz, is the first choice of many. After Sci-Fi, largest research papers network shut down, Book…

Similar sites like eBookshare

Torrent eBook sites Like eBookshare to Download eBooks for Free

eBookshare.net is a popular torrent eBook sites to search and download various eBooks for free as a torrent sites but do you ever think of sites like eBookshare? As one…

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How to Download eBookshare (Torrent eBook) For Free

A lot of students do not know eBookShare. I don’t blame then though. Sci-hub has made everything easy to search for textbooks, research papers, and journals, articles by different authors…