How to Fix the “” Error

Are you currently experiencing Android vending when you try to launch the Google play store app? If yes, you are not alone. A lot of people, including myself, are experiencing the has stopped unexpectedly error trying to load and download apps from Google play store.

The error is a common error when Google play store app is not in good condition. The presence of play store app allows you to download and install apps from play store. But, when the error isn’t resolved you will not be able to download and install apps from Google store.

Is a virus? Can I uninstall the from my phone? How can I delete the folder from my phone? Would removing the from your phone resolve the error and allows you to download apps from play store?

com Android Vending

Is com Android Vending a Virus?

The first thing that would come to your mind when you start seeing the error message is to think that you have contracted with a virus.

The process com Android vending is not a virus on your Android device and it doesn’t in any way affects other system processing on your Android phone. Previously, I discussed explicitly how to remove viruses from an Android phone.

Remove Folder?

Have you attempted deleting the folder from your phone? Well, there is no need to delete the folder because the folder will recreate itself.

The folder is a package folder where Google play store important files are store and all log activities on play store. The only way to delete this folder is to uninstall the play store app which cannot be done by virtue of mistake.

However, if you mistakenly deleted the Google play store app from your phone will not be able to download and install apps from play store any longer.

How to Uninstall com Android Vending?

There is no need to uninstall the folder from your phone. The com Android vending is not an app, it’s Google play store package name containing all play store important information that allows you to download apps from play store.

When the has stopped unexpectedly error struck your phone, uninstalling the error or deleting the folder is not a lasting solution.

How to Fix Process com Android Vending Error

There are various ways to fix the”unfortunately has stopped unexpectedly. However, this post will depict the entire process to clear the error from your phone.

  1. Go to phone Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Apps
  3. Select the “All” app tabs
  4. Scroll down and click on Google play store
  5. Clear caches

This is the major process to clear the unexpected error displaying when you launch the Google play store app.

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Uninstall and Reinstall Google Play Store

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Google play store app will clear the folder from your phone. This implies that the old com Android vending folder will be deleted when you uninstalled the play store and recreate a new empty folder and clear the error unexpected error message.

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Scroll down and click on apps
  3. Click on Google play store
  4. Click force to stop and tap uninstall

Upon successful removal of the Google play store app, the process com Android vending folder will be deleted. Now, reinstall the play store app and the error will be cleared.

Install GAPPs

The error will prompt to occur if you are using a custom ROM. When you flashed a custom ROM on your Android device you will also installed the GAPPs. However, if the error message is as a result of the failing GAPPs on your custom ROM then you need to reflash the GAPPs on your device once again.

Fix reflashing GAPPs

Download your device name GAPPs in a zip file and copy the GAPPs file to your Andriod external storage. Reboot your phone into a recovery mode pressing the power + volume button together.

Now, select “install zip from SDcard”  and select then GAPPs file. Once the GAPPs file has been successfully reflashed into your phone then reboot your Android phone.

The com process vending unexpected error will disappear.

Do a Factory Reset

This is probably the last step you should take if none of the above procedure works for you. However, in my case, clearing caches solved the issue so I believe it should work for you as well.

However, if it doesn’t, you should settle for a factory reset. Meanwhile, always backup your phone in case something goes the other way you will be able to restore the backup file.

Android Soft Reset

Here is how to do a soft reset on your phone…

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Scroll to backup and restore
  3. Click on factory reset
  4. Confirm the move

Upon successful reset of your phone, the error message will disappear.

Android Hard Reset

Doing hard reset is thorough. Yet, it resolves the com Android vending unexpected error message on your Android phone.

Note: Unlike a soft reset you need a WiFi to load your phone after a hard reset.

  1. Press and hold power + volume button
  2. Scroll to wipe data/factory reset

Use the volume button to scroll up and down to select the wipe data/factory reset option in the recovery mode.

Which of the above process works you? Is the Android vending has stopped unexpectedly error disappear from your phone?

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