Download iPadian for Windows 7, 8, 10

iPadian is not an emulator to create an iOS environment on Windows to download and install the iOS app on your Windows. iPadian works differently from the like of BlueStacks emulator, Nox Player, EmuBox and the like of them.

What emulator does is quite different from what iPadian does. The different is glaring and there isn’t misplaced of priority in the app development.

Simulator for Windows

So, What is iPadian?

The iPadian app is a simulator that gives users a feel of iOS app on Windows computer. To use iPadian, you don’t have to install the app via emulator like creating a befitting environment for your iOS app.

However, the iPadian app has some app already which are according to the developer are iOS apps to be used on iPhones alone.

Yes, you will have a feel on all iOS apps that are available on the app. But, you cannot access the app store on the iPadian app.

Although, you won’t be able to access the official app store on iPadian. But, you will have access to some apps on the app to have a feel of how it feels to use iPhone while trying it on your Windows.

Support Windows OS

This app is mainly for Windows users. MacOS users don’t really need the free app to see how iOS apps works, the design, the interface, and a lot more.

However, the app works perfectly on the following Windows OS.

  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows Vista
  3. Windows 7
  4. Windows 8
  5. Windows 8.1
  6. Windows 10
  7. Windows 10.1

iPadian Free?

The ap could be a talk of the town if the app were to be a free app but that is far from that. To download iPadian, it’ll cost you a one-fee of a whopping $20.00.

That implies that you cannot download iPadian for free. To download the iOS simulator you will be charged $20.

Do you think it worth it for that price?

iPadian download

How iPadian Works?

You may want to know how the simulator app works on your Windows before you decide whether to get the app.

When you download the simulator app and install it on your Windows computer, you have to click on the app icon to launch the simulator.

The app will show you are iOS interface just like iPhone SE, iPhone X interface which calendar, contacts, messages, app store, and other iOS pre-installed apps and developers’ app on the simulator app.

The app works perfectly on iOS 11, iOS 12, and the new iOS 13.


Follow the link below to download the Windows iOS simulator app and enjoy.

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