[Solved] Roku not Connecting to WiFi

Maybe you have used your Roku device for a year without any connection issue and you decide to travel out for a few days or weeks. And on coming back, you noticed you are stuck with your Roku not connecting to Wifi. It happens.

This issue is not specific to the Roku express or Ultra Devices alone.  It happens on all Roku TVs or Roku-enabled TVs. But then, you won’t be able to access your Roku TV if you are stuck with Roku not connecting to Wifi.

So how do you diagnose this?

The first thing you should do is to restart your Roku TV and try to reconnect it again.

If none of these is giving you positive results, below are proven troubleshooting steps you can apply if you are stuck with Roku not Connecting to wifi

How to Fix your Roku not Connecting to Wifi

If your Roku TV is not connecting to your Wifi, then it is most likely that there has been a recent update that might have adjusted some settings such as the connection setting. 

However, you might not be aware of this.

This is one of the reasons why a factory reset usually works to solve this issue since it brings it to its default state. However, you do not want to factory reset it just like that because you have quite a lot to lose when you carry out a factory reset.

However, before you do that, below are some ways to fix the issue before trying out a factory reset.

1 . Restart Your Roku TV 

Right now, there are different ways you can restart your Roku TV. You can either use the power cycle style to restart it or use the remote.

restart your Roku Tv

First option 

Over here you will restart it using the remote. The process is straightforward.

Here is how to do that

  • Get the remote and navigate to the home screen
  • Now, go to settings by clicking on the right arrow.
  • On the “Settings” window, go to system and then “System Menu”
  • Now, select “System Restart” if you are prompted with any option simply choose “Restart” and press “OK
  • After doing all these, the Roku TV will disconnect and reconnect again. 

But if the connection isn’t successful, try out the second option which is to restart it.

Second Option

To restart your Roku device using

Simply unplug your Roku from the power outlet for about 30 seconds

Now, plug it back to see, if that resolves the issue.

If after doing all these you are still stuck with your Roku not connecting to Wifi, try out the next troubleshooting step.

2 . Restart your Router/ Modem

Let’s assume you’ve restarted your Roku TV and the problem persists, try restarting your internet Modem or router.

Here is how you can do that

  • Go on your router and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds and plug it back.

Another easy way to reset it is to simply turn off your router and wait for 15 seconds before turning it on.

That said, these troubleshooting steps ought to work for you if you are not facing a technical issue.

However, if you’ve tried all the steps above with no positive result, you might need to check your network by contacting your ISP.

3 . Network Test Connection

tests net work connection

Another thing you should check is the network strength. Sometimes the issue might be coming from your Internet service provider and you might not be aware of this. 

One obvious fact is that a weak internet connection won’t work well with streaming content from your Roku TV

That aside, here is how you can test your internet connection

  • Get your remote and navigate to “settings” from the home screen
  • Now, navigate to Settings > Internet Connection > Check Connection.

When you get to “internet connection” and you can’t see “check connection” it means your Roku is not connected to your Wifi, while the absence of “set Up connection” means there is an issue with your Internet.

Now, that you are aware of this, try moving your router closer to your Roku device to improve the network connection.

4 . Move the Router closer to your Roku TV

Below is an image of a router placed at a disadvantaged spot in a home. Placing the router far from the Roku TV can result in a weak network, connection, so you might want to bring it a bit closer to see if it would resolve the issue.

Now that you have tried all the troubleshooting techniques above, let us proceed to some advanced techniques. 


Advanced ways to Diagnose Roku not connecting to Wifi

Since you have tried all the steps above, below are some more profound troubleshooting steps you can try if you have tried all the ones above.

1 . Change the Router Connection Settings

Your router frequently updates its firmware and one of the things we noticed from that is the change in the router configuration making it hard to connect to your Roku TV. However, it might not be hard to spot the network.

That said, one thing you can do to resolve this is to change your router connection settings from g/n to b/g/n. 

This should work for the majority of you, but if it does not try the next step below

2 . Change your Router to a 2.4GHz WiFi Band

The thing is, the majority of router comes with 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz. While the 2.4GHz is the one most used, the 5.0GHz is rarely used with electronics like smart TVs, Alexa, etc.

However, if you are faced with Roku not connecting to Wifi, but you are seeing the wifi network. Then you need to verify if you are connected to a 2.4GHz wifi network or a 5.0 GHz wifi Network.

If 2.4GHz is turned off, you can simply turn it ON and rest the Connection process, again.

3 . Do a Factory Reset

Since you have tried all the above steps with no positive result, then a factory reset is your best and last resort.

Here is how to perform a factory reset

  • Get your Roku Remote and Press Home
  • Navigate to Settings and select it.
  • Select System
  • Select Advanced system settings
  • Finally, Select Factory reset

In a scenario where you are using a RokuTV, you can choose “Factory reset everything”. However, if you are using the Roku Stick on your TV, proceed to the next step and follow the on-screen instructions.

All these listed above would work for you unless you are struggling with a technical issue. And in that case, you might need to contact the Roku support team to resolve it.

Roku Express not Connecting to WiFi

This problem isn’t synonymous with Roku express users alone, some Roku ultra devices also have these issues. However, you can easily get this resolved by simply following each of these troubleshooting steps, just as the one listed below.

  • Restart your Roku TV
  • Returns your Router
  • Move your router closer to your Roku TV
  • Change your Router configuration settings,
  • Verify that you are connecting to a 2.4GHz network
  • Carry out a factory reset

If after trying any of these steps, you are still stuck with your Roku not connecting to wifi, then you should contact Roku customer support.

TCL Roku TV not Connecting to WiFi

The TCL Roku TV is a Roku TV that doesn’t require a ROKU stick to stream contents on your TV. However many users have also complained about the issue they face when their TCL Roku TV isn’t connecting to their Wifi, If you are also stuck with this while using your TCL TVs, simply scroll through the troubleshooting steps above

However, another thing you might want to try is to update the TCL and restart it again to see if it would connect. YOu can do that by connecting it through an ethernet cable and you are set.

After doing this, try connecting your TCL TV to your router.

Roku TV not Automatically Connect to WiFi

If your Roku TV is not connecting to your Wifi automatically or when you boot it up. Here are a few steps you need to take to resolve that.

  • Get your Roku remote and go to Settings>System>Advanced system settings>Network connection reset. 
  • After doing that, reboot your wireless router or simply reset it.
  • Now, restart your Roku TV

Why does my Roku keep saying no Internet connection?

One of the reasons why your Roku keeps saying “no internet connection” is because it is not connected to your router. In other scenarios, you might be connected to your router while your internet service is Poor or out.

How do I manually connect Roku to Wi-Fi?

There are different ways to connect your Roku device to your wifi without using a remote or by doing it manually. However, if you are not going to use your Roku TV remote then you have to download the Roku app from the app store and then sign in to your account to get that remote interface which you can use to control your Roku TV.


By now, you should have figured out the reason behind your Roku not connecting to wifi and some self-diagnosis steps you can try out to resolve it. That being said, you can also check out how to fix a frozen Roku screen here in case you are facing that too and you haven’t found a way around it.

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