How to Install Chrome Offline [Tutorial]

Install Chrome offline… Let take a look at how to install Google Chrome browser without internet connection using only Chrome repository you will download in this post.

The Google Chrome offline installer makes installing Chrome browser easy without an internet connection. You don’t need full Chrome installation file to install the latest Chrome browser. The only file needed is the Chrome repository to complete the Chrome browser full installation.

Without wasting much time, this post will reveal so much about Google Chrome offline installer, how to know the version of Chrome you installed on your computer and how to update your Chrome without downloading another Chrome update when your Chrome request for the browser update.

How to Install Chrome Offline [Tutorial]

Here is how to download and install Chrome browser without an internet connection when you have the installer repository.

1. Download Chrome offline installer from the link provided below for your computer Operating system.

2. Click on the Chrome repository offline installer file and start the installation process

Install Chrome Offline

3. Once the installation is successful click on the Chrome browser icon on your computer

Install Chrome Offline

Although the procedure is simple and easy, yet it provides the best process to install Chrome offline without necessarily require an internet connection.

Install Chrome Offline: How to Check Whether you Install the Latest Version

If you have successfully install Google Chrome browser on your computer and you have started browsing the internet. You may want to check for the version of your Chrome browser once a while to know whether you are running the latest Chrome browser in case you used the old repository installer to install Chrome browser on your computer manually.

1. Launch the Chrome browser and click on the three dots to the upper right and hover your mouse pointer to “Help”

Install Chrome offline

2. Click on “About Chrome”. This will reveal the version of your Chrome browser and show to you whether you runs the latest Chrome version and whether you need to update your browser to the latest version.

Install Chrome offline

It shows that I am running the latest Chrome version 66.0.3359.117 official build (64-bit). You can also install the official build (32-bit).

Download the Latest Chrome Offline Installer

Here are the manual links to download Chrome offline installer repository…

Download Google Chrome 61 for Windows (64 bit)

Download Google Chrome 61 for Windows (32 bit)

Download Google Chrome 61 for Mac

Download Google Chrome 61 for Linux (Debian)

Download Google Chrome 61 for Linux (rpm)

Meanwhile, you don’t need to stress yourself much if you don’t know your computer bit. You can let Chrome detect your computer bit automatically. Click on this link to the latest Google Chrome offline installer automatcially.

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