How to Add Description to WhatsApp Group on Android

WhatsApp Inc rolled out a new feature to add a description to WhatsApp group to make it more communicable and know what exactly the group you want to join is all about. The new WhatsApp group description feature says more about a specific WhatsApp group just like the feature is seen in a Facebook group.

The first update of the description feature allows all group member to add and edit group description without the group admin right. The WhatsApp group description is only rolled out to WhatsApp Android users, and iOS group description feature to be rolled out later.

Without wasting much of your time telling you about the new WhatsApp feature below is a complete procedure to add a new group description to your WhatsApp group. Note that you can add a description to old WhatsApp group and if you also create a new group today, you can also add a description to it.

Whether your WhatsApp group is new or old the new update allows users to add a few lines of a description to their WhatsApp group on Android phone.

WhatsApp Group Description

How to Add Description to WhatsApp Group on Android

Below is a perfect way to add a description to your WhatsApp group on Android phone.

1. Update your WhatsApp app to the latest WhatsApp iteration

2. Launch the new WhatsApp app update and search for the group name

3. Click on the 3-dots on the group page and click on “Group Info” option

4. Click on “Add group description” below the group image

5. Enter WhatsApp group description and click OK to save your WhatsApp group description.


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