How to Cancel Envy Massage Membership

There are many criteria you need to meet to cancel Envy Massage membership after your one year contract has expired. It looks difficult to end membership on Massage, and you will discover that there is no direct approach to close your Envy paid plan.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Envy massage subscription. If you are planning renewal for Envy massage membership, get to know what rule you need to play by during this global pandemic.

To cancel Envy massage membership used to be very easy as you can easily cancel in person when you walk up to the customer care united and tender your reason to cancel your plan before the Coronavirus outbreak. But, the precautional measure to fight COVID-19 coupled with the fact that there is no direct approach on how to cancel Envy massage membership from the official website site, it then called for an expert review on how to my Envy massage account or downgrade from the official payment plan to a free account.cancel Envy massage membership

Requirements to Cancel Envy Massage Membership

While it is left for you to either cancel your membership with Envy massage or continue, there are some basic requirements for your membership cancellation request to be considered.

  • Massage Envy membership contract form.
  • Personal information such as name, etc.
  • Payment information associated with your membership, such as the receipt.

The above requirements are needed in hard copy when you choose to cancel your Envy membership in their outlet nearest to you.

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Here are the Ways to Cancel Envy Membership

Envy massage offers various approaches to cancel membership account before the Coronavirus outbreak and before the total lockdown due to the uncontrollable measure of the unforeseen pandemic.

  • You can call for your Envy account cancellation over the phone.
  • Email cancellation (this might take some time to take effect due to volume requests).
  • In-person account cancellation. The fact that you can walk into the nearest Envy Massage store close to you to terminate your membership is a greater privilege. However, COVID-19 has limited the option, and therefore, to help the WHO curb the spreading of the disease, you might find this extremely difficult to achieve.
  • There is an online approach to also end Envy membership from the comfort of your home anywhere around the world.

How to Cancel Envy Membership

I’m gonna share with you the fastest approach to cancel your membership on Envy.

  • Go to the Envy portal and sign in to your account.
  • Enter your zip code (as requested).
  • Click on “Find Clinics.”
  • Choose the Massage office where you want to cancel your contract.
  • Click on the “Contract information,” which includes the phone number, address, and hours.
    Write “Envy massage,” notifying them that you want to cancel your account.

It’s still possible that you will not be able to cancel your membership on Envy massage. The reason below could wh.

Unable to Cancel my Envy Massage Membership

Following the steps above should help you to end your membership with Envy massage. However, if you are unable to achieve cancelling your account online below could be the reason behind it.

  • Your cancel request notice is not up to 30 days.
  • The contract information still falls within the first 1 year of your contract.
  • You need to provide written information and duly signed b a medical practitioner or your Dr., that you cannot walk up to 24 miles.

How to Cancel your Envy Membership via Email

If you are ready to wait for how long it takes to respond to your envy account termination you should send an email to Envy requesting the cancellation of your account to

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