How to Cancel Anytime Gym Fitness Membership

This post is about how to cancel anytime fitness membership to save your penny from renewing your subscription the following month. However, since each club in Anytime fitness has its own policy, it implies that members of each club have a different criterion to request for membership cancellation.

It’s, however, expedient to contact the club you belong to know the terms and conditions that backup of membership and what criteria that you need to meet to cancel or terminate your membership with anytime fitness.

Therefore, in this short post on how to cancel anytime fitness gym membership globally, including members from the Philippines, we will detail the basic requirement to end your contract with anytime fitness and without facing anytime fitness cancellation issue.

How to Avoid Anytime Fitness Cancellation Issue

You strictly need to adhere to the terms and conditions of your club to avoid an issue when you want to cancel your membership. However, failing to adhere to the anytime fitness cancellation process may attract some costs to cancel your membership.

So, you may want to ask, “how much does it cost to cancel anytime fitness gym membership”? Services like this should be free, and it’s, of course, it’s not free if you followed the contact guideline before you move to terminate your membership.

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How much does it Cost to Cancel Anytime Fitness Gym Membership?

When you sign up for anytime gym fitness membership, and you are ready to end your contract without completing the supposed time, you will be asked to pay the sum between $40 to $60.

How to Cancel Anytime Gym Fitness Membership

Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership

If you can follow the procedures above, you will be able to cancel your active membership with fitness anytime without additional cost other than the membership fee.

  • Go to the anytime fitness gym where you signed up.
  • Tender a letter to cancel your membership.
  • Pay the cost required to end or terminate your membership with your club.
  • Turn in your fitness gym membership key.
  • And your anytime fitness membership cancellation process will begin, and in no time, your membership will be terminated.

In the long run, you will be the one that will run at lost if you choose to cancel your membership with anytime fitness gym when your contract with your club has not expired.

If you do not want to pay a dime for canceling your membership with anytime fitness, I will advise you to wait until the contract you signed with the club you belong to expired.

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