How to Cancel Audible Membership Account

There are several ways to cancel Audible membership account when you are ready to terminate your membership account from the Amazon platform. If you are ready to quit Audible paid Membership because of the expensive price you pay per month, this post will guide you through.

Just as it is, you can cancel Amazon Audible subscription on phones via a phone call. In the same way, sending an email to Audible Amazon customer care request to cancel your Audible subscription can help to terminate your paid Membership. You can also follow the step by step guide on the Audible website and mobile app to cancel your subscription.

Therefore, in this post, we will consider a step by step procedures to cancel Audible subscription on iPhone app, Android app, directly from the Amazon website and on Amazon audible mobile app.

How to Cancel Audible Membership on iPhone

Here is a step by step procedures with images to cancel Audible subscription for paid memberships on iPhone.

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Visit the “Audible website” on
  • Sign in to your Audible membership account with your username and password.
  • Click on the more icon and select “My Account”.
  • Click on the “view Membership details”.
  • Click on “Cancel Membership”.
  • A new interface will appear telling asking you to change your mind about your membership subscription. Hit the lower button below saying “No thanks” to continue with the account termination procedure.
  • Select the reason why you want to cancel your Audible subscription.
  • Click on “Finish Canceling”.
  • Done.

To know whether you have successfully canceled your subscription on Audible you will a success message on the screen telling you that your subscription has been canceled successfully.

How to Cancel Audible over the Phone

You can also put a call through to Amazon customer care requesting the cancelation of your Audible Membership provided you are able to provide all the required information over the phone.

  • Dial “1 (888) 283-5051” on your phone to call Audible customer care.
  • Tell the customer care representative that you want to cancel your Membership.
  • Provide your account login information when requested for it.
  • Then, provide answers to other related questions asked by customer care.

This is the fastest approach to terminate an Audible account. But it’s cost-effective. If you are calling from a foreign state, it may incur more tariff payment that the normal call.

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How to Cancel Audible Amazon Membership Subscription

Here is a general approach to cancel Audible Amazon subscription membership on your Android and iOS web browsers.

  • Launch your Android web browser.
  • Visit “” on your browser.
  • Click on the menu option and click on “Desktop site”.Cancel Audible Membership
  • Sign in to your Audible Amazon account.Amazon Login
  • Click on the “Hamburger” icon.Click on Audible Hamburger
  • Select “My Account” from the list of options.Cancel Audible Membership
  • Now, you would need to click on “View Membership Details”.Membership details
  • You will see the current subscription plan you subscribed to. The next billing date and how far you have been a listener.Cancel Amazon Audible Membership
  • Zoom your phone screen while you pinch the screen together.
  • Go to subscription>> Cancel Membership.Cancel Audible Membership
  • Read the instruction on the screen and click on “No thanks, continue canceling”.No thanks, continue
  • Click on “Cancel subscription”.

A successful message will appear on your screen that you have successfully canceled your Audible subscription, and you will no longer be able to listen again.

How to Terminate Audible Membership  via Email

Email is also a fast way to cancel your Audible subscription but it incurs delaying time. Amazon customer care units receive tons of emails daily. So, it may take days or weeks before for them to reply. Therefore, if you are ready to wait for how long it would take to respond to your email, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Sign in to your email address and click on the “compose” button.
  • Amazon Audible customer care email address:
  • The subject of the email: Cancel Audible Subscription
  • In the body of the message, state your Audible username (email) and password.

Now, wait for the reply from Amazon customer care representative that your account has been canceled successfully.

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