How to Cancel Denplan Membership And Pause Your Subscriptions

Denplan is a leading dental service in the UK designed to spread the costs of dental treatments and make looking after dental health very easy and affordable for an average man. Anyone that cares about their dental health, Denplan, is certainly the best bet. However, we understand that you might want to cancel your membership to their plan probably because you can no longer afford the service, or you plan on switching to a better dental service. That is why we will show you how to easily cancel Denplan membership and pause subscriptions.

About Denplan

Denplan supports over 6,700 dentists in the UK, and it cares for about 1.6 million patients across various parts of the UK. The company tries to meet the demands and needs of anyone that is looking for a means to cover the costs of dental treatments in an event there is a dental injury or dental emergency anywhere in the world, also the cost of treating mouth cancer.

Denplan Subscription

Denplan Elementary caters to the additional needs of anyone that is looking for 100% of the NHS treatment in the UK. The Denplan Evolve me, and Denplan Evolve II will cater to the needs of those who will have to extend the benefits of Denplan Key to include cover towards routine and restorative treatments anywhere in the world.

Denplan will also provide you with information on their own products, and you will get to receive advice as well as personal recommendations from their dental plans. The company may ask you a few questions to help them narrow down the product options which they can provide you information on. However, you will need to make your own choices before you proceed.

How does Denplan work?

You will need to pay a monthly fee, which will be determined by your employer. You will also need to select the most suitable level of cover. Note you can also visit your dentist and claim back for the associated costs up to your benefit limits. You can make a claim following the three simple steps discussed below.

  1. Once you are done with your treatment, you can proceed to pay your dentist the usual way.
  2. Afterward, you will need to submit your receipt and claim either online or through the post within 60 days of your treatment.
  3. You can start tracking your claim online while waiting for your money to be reimbursed. It can be sent directly to your bank account or via a check.

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How to Take Payment Breaks on Denplan

In case you are struggling to meet up with your monthly subscription payments, luckily, Denplan understands. They have the payment break option available to its subscribers. However, you will need to discuss this with your dentist directly. This is because the contract you hold is also with your dentist, and they are the best people to discuss any concerns about your monthly payments.

Also, Denplan is not authorized to change the monthly payments of patients without the consent of the dentist. Many patients have been granted a payment break after it was agreed to by their dentist. We will advise members to take the payment break option if need be, rather than canceling their membership out rightly.

How to Cancel Denplan Membership & Pause Subscriptions

It is okay to cancel your membership anytime you want. However, you have a maximum of 14 days to change your mind and cancel your policy from either the day you receive your renewal letter or the day you receive the payment of your first premium (it will depend on which comes first).

If you request to cancel during this period, Denplan will return any premium paid for the policy. This will happen only when no claims have been made on the policy in relation to the period of cover before cancellation.

After the expiration of these 14 days, you can cancel your membership by giving at least one month’s notice. Note that Denplan will not refund any premiums that you have already made payment for.

To cancel your membership, you can either place a call to them or simply cancel by sending them an email. If you prefer to cancel your membership through a phone call, just dial 0800401402 and inform the representative that you want to cancel. You can also send an email to, informing them that you will like to cancel your membership.

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Now, you can easily cancel Denplan membership anytime you want. You can also take payment breaks whenever you have a need to, rather than canceling your membership out rightly. Luckily, both options are available to every Denplan subscriber. We will also like to hear from you. If you have any challenges following our guide above, let us know in the comments section below.

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