How To Cancel BT Sport Subscription: A Quick Guide

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic across the globe, sports has been one of the biggest hits with little sporting activities happening around the world. Sadly, lockdown and social distancing have prevented numerous fans around the world from going to watch their favorite sports live. So, if you see the need to cancel BT Sport subscription, pause your subscription or claim a refund like many other sports fans in the world, we will walk you through the process.

BT Sport holds the UK rights to all Europa League football, Champions League, some Premier League, and FA Cup fixtures as well. They also hold rights to all domestic rugby matches and many other sports. With very little sports activities going on, many subscribers are trying to save money by canceling their subscription.

But before you rush to hit the cancel button, it is a good idea to know what BT is doing to keep their subscribers entertained during this period. We will talk about that and also show you how to cancel BT Sport subscription if you will still like to go ahead.

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or BT Sport

As championships and other major sports competitions gradually return to our TV screens, you will be able to enjoy all the action and fireworks with your BT Sports subscription. You can get BT Sport in different ways. If you have a BT Broadband already, you can choose to add BT TV and Sport to your already existing contract for as low as £15.00 every month. You can also proceed to add the ‘Big Sport’ package at just £40 every month. This will include all BT Sport and 11 Sky Sports channels that can be accessed via a NOW TV pass.

What BT Sport Has In Store for Subscribers

The company revealed that they had used the latest technology to build an industry-leading virtual TV studio that has allowed it to continue to produce live shows even during the lockdown. Their entire team gets to work from home, including their presenters, technical staff, and pundits.

Their technical staff is able to shoot, edit shows, and broadcast them without having to go to their main studio in London.  Undoubtedly, they are keen on giving their subscribers undiluted entertainment despite the pandemic. Subscribers will still get to enjoy live shows and programs across sports like football, wrestling, rugby, and MotoGP.

How to Pause/Claim a Refund

For customers who are keen on claiming a refund, BT Sport has asked customers to visit their website for the link they can follow to claim a month’s worth of credit for BT Sports. You can also choose to donate your subscription to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal.

BT also released a statement asking customers to call them so as to discuss their contract and other options. The statement read, “We understand this is a difficult time for customers.” They also added, “and if they wish to discuss their BT Sport contract or other options, would ask they give us a call.”

A few customers revealed, after making the call, that they were offered a month’s grace on their subscription fees and were told that they would need to pay up the rest of their contract if they wanted to cancel the deal immediately. This is an amount that totals hundreds of pounds, which most people cannot afford this period.

How to Cancel BT Sport Subscription

Note that if you cancel your subscription part-way through your three months free BT Sports free trial, you will not be able to apply for another free three-month trial. This is because partially completed free trial periods cannot be started again once it is canceled.

To cancel your BT Sport subscription, follow the guide below:

  • Text STOP SPORT to 150. Note that you would not be charged for cancellation if you are still within your 3 months free trial period.
  • Once you send the text message, expect to receive a response asking you to send STOP LARGE or STOP BIG SCREEN. This will stop your large-screen service and allow you access to the BT Sports content on your mobile devices only.
  • Alternatively, you will be asked to send STOP SPORT if you want to stop the BT Sport app, BT Sport large-screen service, and BT Sport Ultimate altogether.
  •  However, if you can use the application after your free three-month trial has ended, you will need to pay for the BT Sport service up until your next billing date.

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Although BT Sport is dedicated to entertaining its subscribers as much as they can during this period, you can decide to cancel BT Sport subscription, pause your subscription and even claim a refund if you wish. If you have any challenges following our guide above, let us know in the comments section below.

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