How to Cancel Noom Subscription [Plus Free Trial]

Why is it so hard to cancel Noom is one of the few questions that I keep receiving. Since Noom doesn’t have the pause and play button to cancel or turn off your Noom free trial subscription, then, it becomes difficult for most Noom users to cancel their account. However, if you are this shoe and couldn’t go any longer, I will provide some suggestions on how to cancel Noom subscription.

If you go through the Noom subscription dashboard you will find out that there is no option to cancel or end your subscription. This does not, however, mean that it’s impossible to cancel Noom subscription.

As against the traditional method to cancel a free trial or cancel subscription plan on online, Noom wants both free trial and paid users to contact them through the means they improvised and confirm that your subscription or free trial should not be extended further after it expires.

How to Cancel Noom Subscription

If you are on Noom free trial and you don’t want to slip into the premium or paid service you need to unsubscribe from the service before the free trial time to cancel noom subscription

  • First, go to the play store on your Android to download and install the Noom mobile app. This is the only available approach to initiate the process to unsubscribe or cancel Noom subscription in case you do not want to continue with it. This is similar to how to cancel Noom free trial.
  • Launch or open the Noom app and sign in with your Noom login username and password. In case you can’t remember your Noom login, use the “Forgot password” option to reset your account login.
  • Click on the “Noom chat option to the top right that is referred to as in-app chat.
  • A message box will appear. And here, you have the privilege to send a direct message to your Noom coach that you want to unsubscribe from Noom. In the in-app chat, type “Cancel” and click on the send button.
  • This will send a message regarding your account and your account will be terminated but active pending the active subscription or free trial expires.

If when you clicked on the in-app chat you have multiple chat options unlocked, select the option with ” Coach” and send “Cancel” to unsubscribe from the service.

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How to Cancel Noom Subscription Online

Here is another option. You can make use of the official Noom website to cancel your free trial or subscription plan chatting with your coach.

  • Go to Noom website and sign in to your account.
  • Click on “Coach Messages” on the navigation.
  • Send a message to the coach saying “Cancel”

You can either request a refund or cancel your active subscription to have access to your account until it expires. There is no automatic approach to cancel Noom account subscription. Uninstalling the app will not terminate your subscription. Therefore, follow through the steps above to cancel your Noom subscription.

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