How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Life is in phases. At a point you may choose to proceed or make a U-turn [IF] it’s within what you can control. Amazon Prime gave all paid membership the power to “turn-on” and “turn-off” membership status at will.

With the Amazon Prime membership you will be able to watch Amazon anywhere, download and watch Amazon Prime contents offline and even control the data you share.

However, if you determine that the time has come to say goodbye to Amazon Prime membership YOU need to make a move to tell it to Amazon robot that you are opting out and they should stop charging you since you are out.

Meanwhile, Amazon employe all subscribers to click on the “End Membership” tab to put an end to the monthly or annual charge from the subscriber’s profile. Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to cancel Amazon Prime membership.

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How to Cancel Amazon Prime

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Here is a killer guide to put an end to Amazon Prime charging you next when the current membership fee expires.

  • Log in to your Amazon Prime account [Do this on a computer].
  • Click on “Hello [your name]” “Account & Lists”.
  • Click “Prime Memberships” Under “Your Account”.
  • Re-login into your account.
  • In your “Prime Memberships” portal you will see all information regarding your subscriptions such as promotion, active plan, payment method, and other related information to your account membership.
  • Click on “End Membership and benefits” under “Membership Management”.
  • Amazon Prime will popup “Are you sure you want to end your membership”?
  • Click “End my benefits”.
  • Click “Continue to Cancel”.
  • Click “Continue to Cancel” again
  • Done.

You Amazon Prime subscription and benefits will be terminated. However, your account will remain active until the end of the active plan.

Should you want to keep enjoying Amazon Prime just stick to the free membership account.

Note: Check your “Prime Membership” once again to make sure that you do not have active benefits left in your account. With Amazon active benefits in your account, you will be debited at the end of the active subscription to renew your benefit.

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