How To Cancel Blink Fitness Membership [A Quick Guide]

If you will like to cancel Blink Fitness Membership, then, we will show you how to quickly get this done. Luckily, Blink allows you to cancel your membership using various agents and a third party that will cancel your subscription on your behalf. All they require from you is your detail which will be filled in a form.

They will then custom a termination notice on your behalf which will be sent to Blink. However, there are certain rules and terms that need to be properly understood before making this request. Use the procedures explained below to guide you through the entire termination process.

Gym fitness provides luxury fitness equipment and amenities for those that cannot afford it. However, they are located in very few states that are operated by Equinox Fitness. To become a member, you will need to provide important details like your phone number, address, email address, date of birth, and a number of other things. To cancel your membership, follow the guide below.

You will also need to provide all the information you used to register. It will be very helpful if you have a record of all your details the same way you used to register.  In case you are not sure about these details when you are trying to cancel your membership, you can ask them to provide you with the same details you used to register.

Note that the different membership plans have their own different set of rules, their notification periods, as well as their terms and conditions. So, you need to have read up on the one that applies to you before you proceed with your cancellation request. Also, note that your reason for cancellation is very important and you will be asked.

How to Cancel Blink Fitness Membership

We will discuss the different methods which you can use to cancel your membership. You can either cancel via a phone call conversation or opt to cancel using a Certified Mail through the US Post Office. Make sure you select the one that is more convenient for you. However, we will advise that you cancel wising a certified mail so that you will have a record of the conversation. This can be very helpful if, in future, there is a lawsuit.

Cancel Membership on Blink Fitness Via Phone Call

If you will like to use this method to cancel Blink Fitness membership, Blink Fitness will provide you with a Live Agent that will help you. Follow the steps below to do this.

Start by placing a call to the gym you got the membership form. Alternatively, you can call the gym you frequently use to ask about your ongoing membership and the plan. You can also go ahead to inquire about information on cancelling your membership.

Then you will need to provide the representative with every information that can help them locate your account. You will also get information about any contracts that bind your account. Sometimes, you might have to wait for your entire commitment period to elapse before you will be able to cancel your membership.

After the phone call conversation, you might have to follow some additional information which the representative might give. Ensure you take note of every instruction that was given by the representative. This is usually the accurate information that relates to your Blink Fitness Membership Cancellation request. You can also take a step further by inquiring about any pending dues or billings that you need to abide by.

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Use of Certified Mail to Advance Your Request

To use this method, you will need to write a letter to Blink Fitness, asking them for the cancellation of your membership. Usually, to make it easier, you can make a call to confirm your status and then proceed to write the letter.

In the letter, you will need to include every information that will help them locate your account quickly. You will also include your reason for cancelling your membership as well as the intent of your letter. Ensure that your letter is also sent with a certified mail to the Blink Fitness Member Services. The address is 386 Park Ave South 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016.

You will also get a confirmation of the receipt of your letter. However, you can decide to call them again to confirm this. You could also ask for things like the receipt of the letter as well as a confirmation email until you convinced that your account has already been cancelled.

Note that it is very important you have a record of all your conversations, including the email exchange letters. This will ensure that you have proof when needed.

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Now you can easily cancel Blink Fitness Membership subscription without any hassle. If you have any challenges following this guide, let us know in the comments section below.

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