How To Cancel Instacart Order, Subscription, Free Trial & Account

If you need to know how to cancel your Instacart order, subscription, or account, we will show you. Instacart is a top grocery delivery service where you can shop for items and have them delivered at your doorstep. With Instacart, you can either pay per delivery or just pay a subscription fee which comes with lots of benefits. You can easily cancel your Instacart order following a very simple automated process using the app or even website. This process would work only if your order has not been processed yet.

If you want to cancel your Instacart Express or free trial, the process is simple as well and can be done from their app or website. However, if you would prefer to close your Instacart account altogether, the process is a little more complicated. In this article, you will learn the process of canceling your Instacart order, subscription or free trial, and your account.

How To Cancel Instacart Order, Subscription, Free Trial & Account

Cancel an Instacart Order

Luckily, Instacart allows you to easily cancel your orders and even receive a full refund afterward. You would not be charged any fee if a personal shopper has not started shopping for your order yet. So, you have to make sure you cancel your order early. The really easy and can be done using their app, website, or speaking with one of their customer service reps.

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Through the Website

Follow these steps to cancel your Instacart account through the web:

  • Go to the Instacart official website, log in, and select Account.
  • Then click on Your Orders.
  • Navigate to the order you would like to cancel and select View Order Detail. cancel instacart
  • Then click on Cancel Order and select Cancel My Order to confirm.

Through the App

To cancel Instacart order using your mobile app, follow the guide below.

  • Launch the app and select the Account icon.
  • Then click on Your Orders.
  • Afterward, you can select the order you would like to cancel and select Cancel Order.
  • Finally, confirm your order cancellation.

How To Cancel The Express Subscription & Free Trial

For those people that are signed on to the Instacart Express membership, you can also easily cancel your subscription. The Instacart membership is specifically designed for those that use the service a lot as it lowers the order amount and removes the delivery fee totally. However, it requires a yearly membership fee to continue enjoying this service.

If you no longer want to pay the membership fee, then you are free to cancel your subscription. You might also be eligible for a partial refund if you canceled before your current subscription expired. You can also use this procedure to cancel your 4 days free trial before you start getting charged for the service. To do this, follow our detailed guide below.

  • Open your browser and go to the Instarcart website, log in, and select Account.
  • Then click on Instacart Express and select End Membership.  cancel instacart
  • Tap Cancel. However, if you would still like to enjoy the service till the end of your current subscription, you can select Set a Reminder which will notify you to cancel before your next billing date.
  • Tap Continue to Cancel if you would still like to proceed. You can then select your reason for canceling and tap End.

Note that if you signed up for Instacart Express service in the last 15 days and you did not place any orders, you would be eligible to receive a refund. In other cases, you would still have access to the Instacart Express service until the last day of your current subscription. This is when your membership would be terminated.

How to Cancel your Instacart Account

If you have successfully unsubscribed from Instacart Express service, there is absolutely no fee involved in leaving your account open. It is advisable to keep your account open in case you would like to use their service in an emergency. If you are not a member, Instacart would not charge you anything unless you place an order.

If you use the Instacart express service and would like to leave your account open without being charged, then you can just cancel your membership using the method explained above. With this, you would only be charged when you do some shopping and not annually like it was before.

If you would still like to close your account regardless, then you can do so by contacting their customer care via email, or phone call. Sadly, they do not have an automated method you can use do it yourself, you would have to go through them.

To successfully delete the account, you would need to give them your details such as the name you used to open the account, as well as the email address and phone number associated with your account.

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Now you can easily cancel your Instacart orders, membership, or even your account. If you have any challenges following our guide above, let us know in the comments below.

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