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How To Cancel Proactiv Subscription [ A Quick Guide]

You can easily cancel Proactiv subscription if you no longer wish to receive deliveries of their products. Proactiv is certainly a top skincare brand that specialises in the treatments of acne. As a member, you would have enjoyed their products which are usually delivered every 12 weeks. Maybe you no longer need these products or you would like to invest your money elsewhere, then, you can easily cancel your membership.  To do this, you can easily contact them through their website or with their customer care line.

The Proactiv skincare membership offers shipments of their skincare products routinely. After signing up for a membership, you would begin to receive their products at your doorstep every 12 weeks. They would also allow you to increase or decrease the frequency at which you receive these products. However, you can easily cancel their membership if you no longer need their service.  Luckily, the site has a chatbox feature exclusive to their members-only which makes it even easier to cancel.

With a lot of Proactiv customers in search of how to cancel their Proactiv subscription deliveries, we decided to walk you through the entire process of cancelling your subscription quickly. So, we would be walking you the various methods you can use to cancel your Proactiv subscription delivery. Stick around with us and we would show you how to go about it.

How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription

Once you cancel your Proactiv subscription, you would no longer get to receive their shipments. If you would still like to cancel, this article would show you how to do this following any three different methods – from their contact page on the website, through the chatbox or over the phone.

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Cancel Proactiv Subscription by Message

  • To begin with, you would have to visit the Proactiv Contact Us page here.
  • Then, provide the required information in the blank fields you will see. This will allow the customer service representative to find your account information.
  • Once you get to the box labelled ‘Comment/Questions Concerns,’ click on the Account Section option.
  • Then explain that you would like to cancel your Proactiv subscription in the message box you would see.
  • Once you have sent the message to their customer care, you will then receive a reply via the email address you provided in the information box.

Cancel Proactiv Subscription by Online Chat

This is another very easy and fast method you can use to cancel your Proactiv subscription. Like we mentioned earlier, the Proactiv site has a chat box that is exclusive to only Proactiv members. To be able to use this feature, then you would have to log into your Proactiv account first.

  • First, launch your browser and visit the Proactiv website.
  • Then input your credentials to log into your Proactiv membership account.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, then you would see the option that is labelled Chat.
  • Once you click on the Chat icon, it would open a live chat feature which would connect you to a customer care representative that you can chat with.
  • Once the live chat opens, then you can inform the customer care agent that you would like to cancel your subscription to their service.

This is one of the fastest ways to cancel your subscription as the live chat feature would immediately connect you to a customer care agent who would help you to cancel your subscription deliveries quickly.

Although, there are instances where their customer service representatives would all be busy. When this happens, you would be put on a waitlist until they attend to all the customers before you. You should ensure you cancel your subscription quickly before the next delivery is scheduled to occur.

Cancel your Subscription by Phone

This is the final method you can use to cancel your Proactiv subscription deliveries. To follow this method, all you need to do is dial their customer care number. Generally, you might have to wait for about 20 minutes before you would be connected to a Proactiv customer service team member who would then cancel your subscription. The Proactiv customer care number is 800-235-6050.

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Now that you know how to easily cancel your Proactiv Subscription deliveries at any time you please. Proactiv offers great skincare products but once you realize that you no longer need them, you should always feel free to cancel.

Always ensure that you cancel your subscription before the next delivery is scheduled to take place. You can do this quickly following any of the methods you prefer- email, chat or phone call. However, the phone call and chatting methods are the fastest ways to cancel your subscription.

However, if you have any challenges following our guide, then feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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