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Often time a lot of PlayStation customers complain about how to sign in to PS4 with the Minecraft for PlayStation TM 4 using with the activation code. Knowing that When you are on the Minecraft game home screen you will see an option to sign using your Microsoft account which will display an 8-digit code for activation. Therefore, in this guide, you will learn explicitly how to activate PS4 on Microsoft on the “https aka ms remoteconnect” web portal.

Also, the web portal allows you to manage Nintendo Gamertag using your account. We will also provide a step by step guide to fix “failed Minecraft PS4 link”.

What is “Https://”? is a web portal to log into Microsoft account on PS4 using the 8 digits activation code. This cannot be undone once you linked your PS4 to your Microsoft using the activation code displayed on your Minecraft game home screen when you clicked on sign in with Microsoft account.

Note: Be sure to have the exact Microsoft account you want to link to your Minecraft game on your PS4. Once you link an account you cannot remove it again to link another one. The whole process cannot be undone. It’s a permanent procedure. It’s irreversible at the time of writing this report.

How to Sign in Microsoft on PS4

Firstly, determine the Microsoft account to use as you cannot reverse this once you enter the 8digits activation code on your Minecraft home when you click on sign with Microsoft.

  • Switch on your PS4 game console.
  • Go to the Minecraft game home.
  • Tap on “sign in with Microsoft account”.
  • Take note of the 8 digits activation code on the screen.
  • Go to “” on your browser.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account using the email and username of the account to associate with the PS4
  • You will be redirected to “”.
  • Enter the code on your device screen and click on the “Next” button.Https://
  • Done.

You may be prompt to answer some questions to make sure you really want to use the Microsoft account to link your PS4 and Minecraft. However, once the activation is a success the code on your device screen will disappear.

How to Find Friends on Microsoft Account

You need your friends Gamertag to find them on your Microsoft account once you have logged into your account on https aka ms remoteconnect with your email, password, and the 8 digits activation code.

  • Follow the procedure above to log in to your Microsoft account.
  • Click on “Play” on your Microsoft account home screen.
  • Reach out to the friend tab on the right [you can toggle to it].
  • Click on “Add Friend”.
  • Enter the friend “Gamertag” in the search box.
  • Click on the “Add” button once the result pops up.

As simple as that you will be able to find and add your friends on your Microsoft Account using their Gamertag. There is no limit to the number of friends you can add. However, it’s possible that you will not be able to find some friends using their Gamertag.

Unable to Find Friends Gamertag

Microsoft Gamertag is also referred to as the player ID. However, a few reasons could contribute to why you couldn’t find them even when you think you entered the right Gamertag.

  • Do not guess the player Gamertag. To find your friends on Microsoft account you must enter the exact Gamertag. Do not forget that player’s ID are case sensitive.
  • You cannot use a player ID from other platforms. It’s mandatory that the player ID or Gamertag must be from Microsoft as Microsoft doesn’t support player’s ID from other platforms at this time.

How to Change Gamertag

This is probably the opportunity you have been waiting for. Here today, you will be able to change your Gamertag ID through your web browser. You can consider the Edge browser for this.

  1. Go to the Change Gamertag page at
  2. Sign in using the Microsoft account email address and password associated with your Gamertag.
  3. Enter your new Gamertag, and then select Check Availability.
  4. Once you find an available Gamertag, click Claim
    Note If your Gamertag was created for you when you initially signed up for Xbox (meaning you did not choose it yourself), you can change it one time for free. Additional Xbox Gamertag changes cost extra. 
  5. If you created your own Gamertag at signup and want to change it, you will be charged (fee varies by region and currency).

To join the group of users to Gamertag change for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch go to the Microsoft Answer Forum here.

Minecraft PS4 Linking Failed

This is currently under investigation by Microsoft experts on why linking failed with Minecraft PS4. The error pops up Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

However, pending the time that the solution to fix this will surface consider joining the conversation on Twitter.

Minecraft Cross-play on Xbox One

Here is a trick for Xbox One owners to cross-play the Minecraft game on the game console with Microsoft login and https aka ms remoteconnect. We advise you to follow the procedures below to the very end as we’ll also consider Nintendo Switch.

Preparing Xbox One for Cross-play

We first need to prepare your Xbox One game console or Nintendo switches Edition to cross-play the Minecraft game with millions of subscribers on your game console. Meanwhile, don’t forget that you might encounter problems when you choose to cross-play Minecraft with the Xbox One Edition.

  • Switch-on your Xbox One and open Microsoft Store.
  • Hover to the “Search” box and select it.
  • Type “Minecraft” into the search box.
  • Select “Minecraft” from the suggestion box when it pops.
  • Download the “Minecraft” on your Xbox One.
  • Launch the [Minecraft] game and you have successfully installed it.

Now, after the steps above, your Xbox One will be ready to cross-play

Nintendo Switch Cross-Play Prerequisite.

Similarly to the way we make our Xbox One ready for cross-play we also need to follow the same approach for a Nintendo Switch with Nintendo eShop before we head to enter the activation code on

  • Go to Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch console.
  • Go to the “search” tab.
  • Type “Minecraft” and wait for the suggestion box to come up.
  • Download “Minecraft for Nintendo Switch” from the pop-up title.
  • Launch the “Minecraft” game you just installed on the Nintendo Switch.
  • When you are asked to sign in with Microsoft account select “Sign in for free”.
  • Go to on your computer or phone [browser].https aka ms remoteconnect
  • Take note of the unique code on your screen.
  • Now, enter the unique code. Please do not share this with your closet friend.
  • Enter your Microsoft login to sign in to your account.
  • A confirmation message will appear on your screen.
  • After some minutes you Xbox Live profile will come up on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Click on “Let’s play” and we the whole process will be completed.

Now, you are ready for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch cross-play.

Minecraft Cross-play 

Having downloaded and installed the Minecraft game on your Xbox One and Nintendo Switch you are then ready to create the Minecraft cross-play.

  • Launch the Minecraft on your Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.
  • Select “Play” from the game main menu.
  • Go to the “World tab” and click “Create New”.
  • Go to the “Multiplayer” under “Edit” settings.
  • If multiplayer is enabled you will see it. And if not, the option will tell more of it.
  • Click on “Create” to create NEW gameplay.

Now, the cross-play created will be available for others to join. Don’t be surprised that all the games you join were created the same way.

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